Where Do My Readers Come From?

Thursday, July 10, 2008


"Pockets of lucidity" appear here and there throughout profane history, as the divine light is prolonged through time. In hindsight, an "Arc of Salvation" becomes recognizable, a sort of rolling horizontal revelation to go along with the vertical. In this regard, we can indeed trace a continuous line -- or wave -- of light, say, from the Hebrew prophets -- and the ancient Greek philosophers -- to America's founders. Looking down, I see these waves lapping at my feet as I type this. The water is both warm and transparent."

The paragraph from up above comes from a blog called http://onecosmos.blogspot.com/ I really enjoy it quite a bit and while I do not often agree with his mix of eastern mysticism and western religion I do feel that he often has some valid points to make. But this last section there about "Pockets of lucidity" and running a vertical path of enlightenment from Hebrew Prophets all the way up to America's founders. I just do not get. I am not even sure how one can justify the concept. I guess for me it has always seemed like America came out of a need for a few people to not want to pay taxes and a desire to not be controlled by the institutional Church of England. Not that they were after freedom of religion, of all religions, just the freedom of their religion and I really do not see how one gets from that origin to the idea that the founding fathers were somehow touched by God. When a fair amount of them were Diest and would have thought the idea that God was giving them a direct current to knowledge preposterous. I just am interested as to what others think of this.