Where Do My Readers Come From?

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ruby Tuesday

Good morning friends. I hope this Tuesday finds you well. I am coming to you pretty early from the coffeehouse because someone knocked out the power in my neighborhood and I was forced to exit the house early to find my coffee and my electric power as well as gain access to the glorious internet. It isn't that I do not get up early because, regardless of my bedtime, my alarm goes off at 7 am every morning and I make myself get up and get going. So other then not being able to shower and make coffee at home it isn't like the morning has been a hardship for me. I also do like going into the Coffeehouse early but I also like going any time.

Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven

The music choices today are coming from the "Classic Hard Rock" genre according to my google music player and it kicked things off with the most epic of all songs. So let us see what else it brings us today shall we. I am looking forward to finding out. One thing that this blog has done for me as I listen to and post music for you is that I use headphones at the coffeehouse and I am getting so much more out of the music then I did with house or car speakers. I would highly recommend it.

Led Zeppelin - Candy Store Rock

This is a nice one. I do not even listen to this album all that much at all but there are some good songs on it. This is one of them even though it does not get much radio play at all. I think it is kind of an overlooked classic if you ask me. If anyone has any lost classics that they would like to let me know about I wouldn't mind that at all.

Led Zeppelin - All My Love

There is not much to be said about this song. It is just so good. It is in my top 10 of Zeppelin songs. Maybe in my top 5. I am not totally sure. I love both the tune and the lyrics of it. A classic, classic song. I am not complaining, but I am beginning to suspect that my google music player only has Led Zeppelin in the "Classic Hard Rock" genre. We shall see. The reason I wonder is because I believe that I have other bands in my collection that would fit in the genre. Though maybe some of them are more in the prog rock arena. I am not sure.

Led Zeppelin - In The Light

Yes, it was as I suspected. I just checked and that entire genre has every Zeppelin album and nothing else. that amuses me. I am going to have to keep track of that and see what the other genres offer me as I follow this path.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Friday Friday

Not much of depth or profundity to say today. I am just trying to get the old fingers moving on the keyboard so that I don't get out of the habit as it were. I always feel like I should  be writing more but I do not always have something to say. So that makes it hard. I am honestly not sure what the correct balance is. I like writing and I feel like it helps me when I am dealing with emotional things but I do not always feel emotional and since emotion is what I use to fuel the writing that leaves my tank a little empty at times when I am trying to come up with topics.

Dio - Rainbow in the Dark

I suppose I should understand that there doesn't always have to be a theme when I write and to just get it out and let my voice be heard regardless of the subject that I am writing about. As I say that I realize that I right now positioning myself to have a theme for this. That is just so sad.

Paddy on the Turnpike

Boy that guy can really play the mandolin. As I look out the window at the coffeehouse I am reminded of how dark it can get in Oregon during this time of year. It is only 4:30 it feels so much later. I am not complaining mind you I am just realizing that on a gray day like today it can seem so much later then it actually is.

Johnny Cash - I Hung My Head

I have my music play Google Music on random and I am always a little surprised at how the music choices tend to match my mood at whatever given time I am listening to it. I am sure that it is just coincidence but it certainly feels like it can read my mind. I suppose it is only a matter of time until such a thing exists.

Supertramp - A Soapbox Opera

That was a really good song. I really enjoyed it. I have a lot of Supertramp but I should listen to it more often. There is a certain depth to the songs that I think gets overlooked. Though I will be the first to admit that I have a certain softness for that era of band. I just like that kind of music.

PJ Harvey - This Is Love

That being said I also like harder stuff like PJ Harvey. She is very talented and is an artist that not everybody enjoys but I really like her. She has always done her own thing and that is pretty cool as far as I am concerned.

Grateful Dead - Truckin

Well that is as good of a song to stop it on as any. I think I am going to go grab myself some fish taco's. I get them in Salem at a little place on Broadway called Marco's and they are amazing. So if you are ever in town do yourself a favor and grab one there.

Catch you later folks.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Cash on Sunday

I do not go to church. I used to go to church on a regular basis but that all changed several years ago. Now I have a group of people that I meet with and we discuss lts and lots of things ranging from the philosophical to the religious to the political to the scientific and all points in between. And as far as I am concerned that is good enough for me right now. I really only even miss one thing from the actual process of church and that is the worship music aspect of it. I realize that it is because of that I often find myself on what has always been considered a church day, like Sunday, I find myself listening to Johnny Cash. He is really the only performer who does some gospel now and then that I can really stand. So since it is a Sunday, lets listen to a little Johnny Cash.

Johnny Cash - Lead Me Gently Home Father

One of the many things that I like about Johnny was his transparency in terms of both his faith and his failing in life. I like that he was unafraid to sing both gospel songs as well as just plain secular songs in general.

Johnny Cash - The Ballad of Ira Hayes

He sang Americana classics as well as took modern rock songs and redefined their sound and their power. His final 5 albums the American Recordings series are just plain amazing and I have been able to listen to them again and again.

Johnny Cash - (Ghost) Riders in the Sky

It wasn't just his lyrics it was also the tone of his baritone and bass voice as well as that memorable chugging sound of the guitar. There is something about the whole package that appeals so much to me and often, for me, listening to him can make a bad day better.

Johnny Cash - I Will Rock and Roll With You

His music inspired so many modern day performers that I just do not have time to mention them all and without his legacy I really do think that modern day music would not be what it is today.

Johnny Cash - Personal Jesus

This version of the Depeche Mode song is amazing and one of my personal favorites. It also speak to me on a personal level. I know that when one talks about matters of faith it is easy to get caught up in the vocabulary of the faith and religion but for me this song is far bigger then that.

Johnny Cash - All Over Again

He also sang some great love songs. There was for sure a sappy side to his work but that is because I think he really was a romantic.

Johnny Cash - Dark As A Dungeon

Even his songs that are cautionary tales are still excellent to listen too.

I hope that I was able to give you some music of Johnny's that  you hadn't heard before. I leave you with this. I am working toward a "Satisfied Mind" and I hope I find it one day.

Johnny Cash - Satisfied Mind

Also remember this -

Johnny Cash liked cake. But, can you blame him? Cake is good. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Fantastic Friday

It is another amazing Oct day in Oregon. It is honestly hard to describe how lovely it is outside. It is Oct 18th and people are sitting outside at the Coffeehouse an the doors are wide open. I am wearing shorts and short sleeves. I firmly believe that Oregon is truly Gods country. I am American born and a native Cascadian by the grace of God and a Timbers fan by choice!

Join me in fighting for the freedom of Cascadia!! Let us shake off the yoke of the Federal Government!

Katrina & The Waves - Walking on Sunshine

Today just feels like a good day to me. That may be because I am seriously hopped up on my amphetamine of choice, Caffeine, but I am not complaining. I feel good today and lately these days have been few and far between. So, thankful for small favors. I am always grateful for a momentary respite from the doom and gloom that my psyche has been residing in lately. I am also incredibly thankful that I have a place to go where I can drink coffee and see people who always seem glad to see me. Even if they are faking it, they do such a good job of it that I always am glad to be there and that feeling really does make a difference in my life.

You all get a hug!!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Final Friday

This was my friend Eric's house actually to be more specific Eric and Devyn took this pretty beat up old house in the St Johns area of Portland and turned it into a home. It was a lovely home with a lovely backyard and little garden. The backyard was a very soothing place to just hang out and listen to music and relax. They do not live here anymore. Eric is gone and the house has been sold and there is no reason for me to go to St Johns anymore.

This is the St Johns bridge. I used to drive over this bridge on my way to visit Eric and Devyn at their home. Now Eric is gone and there is no reason for me to drive over this bridge anymore.

Dave Brubeck - Kathy's Waltz

Eric is gone and I will never see him again and that makes me very very sad. I told Devyn last night that I have never wanted to travel back in time before and now sometimes it is all that I think about. I don't even know what I could do or that I could fix anything or even stop him from the choice he made. I know intellectually that there no real chance of me going back in time and nothing is going to change.

Grateful Dead - Ripple

The intellectual knowledge does not seem to make things any easier or to even dull the pain. These are all questions that I have asked before and as I move toward the 6th month of this I wonder if I will ever stop asking them. Will I ever feel peace or the moments I have of laughter or pleasure are they they fleeting moments and the consistent reality of my life going to be one of somberness and dull unyielding pain. I don't know, I just do not know.

Neil Young - There's A World

My life was better with you in it Eric and I miss you. Missing you doesn't change anything but there is a void that can't be filled now matter what I throw to throw into it and right now it is just a void that echoes with my numbness and my painful screams that I can't seem to vocalize as much as I wish that I could.

Neil Young - Round & Round

35 is to young. Far to young and you had to much life left to live and thing pretty much fucking suck now because of it.

Neil Young - The Losing End

"It's so hard for me now, but  I'll make it somehow. Though I know I'll never be the same. "

I can only hope that this is true and continue to put one foot in front of the other. Because like Dr Bob said it is all "Baby steps."

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Their name is Billy Talent!

So yesterday as I was working on my Blink 182 post I decided to use Spotify rather then my music collection and I decided to use the Spotify radio setting and lo and behold I discovered a band that I am just loving very much right now.

Billy Talent - This Is How It Goes

Billy Talent is a Canadian band and they have been around since 1999 under the name Pezz but after changing their name they signed with Atlantic and by 2003 put up their first full length album titled "Billy Talent" and let me tell you, in my opinion, everything that they have done since has been amazing. I am really looking forward to introducing them to you. If you like hard and fast music I do not think that you are going to be disappointed at all.

Billy Talent - Lies

I can't tell you the last time that I was this energized by listening to a band. These guys are amazing. I do not know how to put it into words. Well other then that I am equal parts upset that I have not heard of them before and excited that I found them on my own. There is nothing quite like the feeling that I am experiencing right now and if you love music I am sure you understand it. Those of you that do not really just love music probably thing that I am totally crazy and that is not an unreasonable thought. I am a little bit crazy when it comes to the effect that music has on me.

Billy Talent - Standing In The Rain

I am not trying to say that I listen to music better then anyone else does. That isn't it at all and I am not trying to style myself as some sort of musical expert by any means. It is just that their are types of music and bands that I really, really enjoy and I know what I like and like what I know.

Those are some selected tracks from their first album eponymously titled Billy Talent. These next few will be from their second album titled Billy Talent II

Billy Talent - Devil In A Midnight Mass

The mix of metal and punk in this song just really works for me. So good.

Billy Talent - Red Flag

Another one that has a great hook and a very repeatable chorus.

What kind of surprises me is that this band has not caught on in America yet. I think their music is totally radio friendly but maybe I just do not understand how the business of radio works now. That being said I want to highly recommend this band. They are on Spotify and probably Pandora as well. So do yourself a favor.

Happy listenings!

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday

Now that we have that out of the way. How is it going folks? Has there been anything new going on for you? Not much has changed for me. I am still looking for work and trying to keep myself busy and be as productive as I can be because we live in a society and part of what makes a society work is caring for and helping others when you are able to. I do not even care what form it is, but I think that helping others is an important thing.

Blink 182 - Mutt

There was an interesting article yesterday on the AVClub website about the band Blink 182 and it brought back some pretty memories for me. I had not listened to Blink for several years. I had basically forgotten about them. The main reason when I think about it is because I just stopped liking their music. But the problem for me came when I finally saw them live. They were easily the worst band that I had ever seen live and I have seen some bad opening bands. Now, granted, some bands will have off days or attempt smething new live that just didn't work. But these guys were just plain bad. They had on stage 3 video screens, several guys on BMX bikes doing jumps and flips over the stage and to top it all over several midgets, little people on trampolines bouncing around as well and riding tricycles and bikes all over the stage. All in an effort to distract their fan base from how bad the music was that was being played live.

Billy Talent - Red Flag

I have never heard of Billy Talent but this is a pretty cool song that just popped up on my Spotify. I do not listen to a lot of punk rock either the old or newer varieties but I really enjoy that song.

Weezer - Memories

Generally speaking I do not care for Weezer either but this is a pretty cool song. I have never heard it before but I never let that stop me from having an opinion on something. In this case I may need to look deeper into the Weezer discography.

Blink 182 - What's My Age Again

This one is probably their biggest hit. It is a very good pop song, very catchy with a singable chorus and really, I ask you, what more are you looking for when you are listening to pop-punk music?

Billy Talent - Sudden Movements

Well, 2 for 2 for music that I have never heard before. I really, really and digging this guys sound. I do not know anything about him right now. But I am for sure going to do some researching.

Sum 41 - Fat Lip

I think guys were maybe 2 hit wonders but I do enjoy this song. Something makes me think they were Canadian but I am not sure why. There is a for sure Beastie Boys vibe one could say that they may have even stolen from the Beasties. I wouldn't be surprised if they had.

Caesars - Jerk It Out

This is a song that sounds familiar to me but I do not recall ever hearing this band before. But I am really digging this number. I love the bass and the drums as well as almost a surf rock kind of underlying sound.

Billy Talent - Try Honesty

I am going to wrap this up with my musical discovery for today. I hope the rest of his music does not disappoint. I am loving it so far.

Now get out of my way, I am heading for the pit!!

PS can we all agree about how much Good Charlotte sucked. Horrible.

Friday, October 04, 2013

How About a Little Traffic

I have lately been listening to a band from the late 60's that I have really been enjoying. I think that probably the most famous name in the band is Steve Winwood. But the Steve Winwood that I was familiar with is not the Steve Winwood that I am listening to when I hear Traffic or Blind Faith. Some would argue that Eric Clapton is the more famous one and they may be right but for this exercise I am going to address the change in sound and musical stylings of Steve Winwood. So lets get it started with a little Blind Faith. He formed this band in 1969 with Ginger Baker and Eric Clapton along with Ric Grech. Though Clapton did not stay in the band very long.

Blind Faith - Can't Find My Way Home

Blind Faith - Well Alright

There was some upheaval after Clapton left and Winwood decided to reform the band Traffic with  Jim Capaldi, Chris Wood and Dave Mason. There is some overlap and things are kind of muddled up so I may have things reversed as far as the timing goes. But, I don't really care. Just shut it and enjoy the music.

Traffic - John Barleycorn Must Die

Traffic - Light Up or Leave Me Alone

I do not know if I can even adequately explain to you how much I love the sound of Traffic. I would go so far as to say that I like and enjoy both Blind Faith and Traffic more then I enjoy Cream and I probably enjoy Traffic most of all. There is just something about their sound that works for me.

But now that we have listened to what kind of music that Steve Winwood was putting out in the late 60's and early 70's I think you will really enjoy what he was putting out in the 80's.

Steve Winwood - Back In The High Life

Steve Winwood - Higher Love

Now, I have to be totally honest with you. I can barely stand Higher Love or Back In The High Life. I think they are horrible. They are very nearly unlistenable for me and I can listen to anything by Blind Faith and Traffic over and over again. So what do you think the problem is? Did my taste change in 5 minutes? Did Steve Winwood change? Did his talent go away? Or did he make a calculated effort to write and play songs that he knew would sell the most albums and garner him the most radio play? I do not know. The only thing I know is that I do not like his solo work at all. Those are my thoughts.

I hope you enjoyed Fridays musical musings and I hope that I helped you discover some music that was new to you. Now "light up or leave me alone"

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Terrible Tuesday

Today seems to be a pretty shitty day for me. It isn't the weather it is just the way things are and I hope that after I write this blog post and share with you some angry rap music that I will have cleansed my system of some of this. Also it is probably a good idea for you to not listen to this music at work because it is NOT SAFE FOR WORK. You were warned.

D-12: Under The Influence

So there you go. A good friend just said to me that grumpy days are essential and I believe that is true. I I get stagnant in my emotions that is not a good thing and while I do not want to be unhappy or gloomy or sad all of the time. Those feelings are a reality and they exist and they have existed more in the last five months of my life then they ever have before. I know I have said this before but it bears repeating that if I were to pretend that I did not feel this way then I would be lying to myself and to you and I do not intend to do that.

Eminem - Marshal Mathers

What triggered this you may ask. Well it is probably any number of things but in this case it is because that I reached into my back pocket to see what the papers were that I was feeling back there and they were two one sheet papers from Erics memorial service. BAM...just like that the darkness descended. It is that simple. Oh sure the darkness is always there in the background. It lucks and sometimes I am able to convice myself that it isn't lurking and that I have somehow been able to forget. But that isn't true at all. I think it just waits until I have let my guard down and then when there is the slightest opening it strikes.

(Sidenote) It seems that most if not all of the rap that I have is Eminem and that is interesting to me. So let us switch it up to a new genre of music.

Damn it. I am not sure if the problem is the internet at the coffeeshop or me but I am now unable to even find videos to post through my blogger. So that is done. Thanks for nothing. But I think rather then blame myself I am going to blame Obama for my problems. It seems to work for the Republicans.

That is it folks.