Where Do My Readers Come From?

Monday, October 08, 2012

Monday Musings

When I go to the coffee shop, I usually am there for the most important reason and that is too drink coffee. But, I also enjoy saying hello to a few people and sitting quietly in my usual corner spot listening to all of Salems' movers and shakers talk about how important they are. I don't like to be super cynical about people but there are mornings where I want to just grab people by the scruff of their neck and shake them and say 'THE WORLD DOESN'T REVOLVE AROUND YOU!!!" 

But, I like the coffee here and I don't want to be kicked out so I do not do that. As I sat down today with my Americano and muffin I was a little leery because of the two, one much older and the other slightly older then me, gentlemen who were sitting nearby. As far as I am concerned those are the worst too sit by because they seem to feel like they know everything and there is always something to complain about. It just doesn't seem to matter too them. There could be money dropping from the sky and there would obviously be a better way to do it and they are the only ones that know how and people today are just lazy and blah and blah and blah...on and on and on. 

Anyone who knows me also knows that I am not a morning person and I do not do well until I have had my morning hook up. Until then I would really rather be left alone. I don't want to talk to you. I do not care to know who you are or how your day is going. I do not want to discuss the weather or politics or tell you what I am working on. I want to be left alone!! I am not your friend or buddy. You don't know me!! Leave me alone to nurse my addiction. Yes!! I realize I am dependent upon it too function!! NO THAT DOESN'T BOTHER ME!! ...Oh I am sorry was I yelling.  (sigh) There are days when I long for the future so that I can put a privacy cone around myself and be able to sit in peace. That way I can watch people but their personal conversations do not intrude on my existence. To me that would be nice and peaceful. Then I can nod a greeting and make eye contact if I want too. But I also do not have to hear every little thing about whatever it is they have going on. 

Well, I seem to have lost my thread a little bit there. Wow, in the time that I was off writing away up there, those two men I was writing about earlier are still just talking away. So far their conversation has ranged from how expensive a refill is for coffee here to how rude people are today and how they do not talk to each other like they used too or listen to each other. Then it went to politics and finally it wrapped up with a little football talk. Ahhh finally they are gone. Good. Oh!! Yeah!! That is what got me started. One of the men looks over as I sat down with my Americano and muffin and was all "What you working on? Writing a novel?" How dare he ask a civil question of me? Can't he see that I am a junkie looking for a fix? I don't do small talk, Sir. Good day! I said good day. 

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Thrown for a Loop by the Master

I went to see a couple of films in the last few days. On Sunday I went up to Bridgeport in Lake Oswego and watched the Paul Thomas Anderson film, "The Master". I am not really sure what to say about that, other then that it was an interesting experience.

The film itself is beautifully crafted and visually amazing. The story on the other hand is kind of aimless and pretty twisted. It is loosely the story of a lost and sad man who has no focus or direction in life. He has a serious drinking and anger problem and then one day he meets basically an L Ron Hubbard type of character. There are some definite similarities between the group that The Master runs and Scientology. But that really isn't the point and the story doesn't really focus on that as much as the relationship between the Jaquin Phoenix character and The Master who is played by Phillip Seymour Hoffman. I really think that both of these men will be nominated for best actor Oscars and honestly I think Phillip Seymour deserves to win. He just does an amazing job. I realize that this film in not for everyone but I liked this film and it deserves to be seen even if it is a little hard to watch at times. I think sometimes the best films are a little hard to watch and that is what makes them great because they invoke feelings and cause you to think about its effect on you.

Then last night I went to my usual Tuesday night $5 movie house Cinebarre and watched the "Looper". The science fiction film starring Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

 The bottom line, and it is hard to find a bottom line in a science fiction time travel film, I really, really enjoyed it. The future world that it is set in I found fascinating and very interesting. It wasn't set so far into the future that it was inaccessible for the viewer and because of that it wasn't dependent on a ton of special effects or computer blue screen effects. In fact, that aspect of it made me interested enough in things to want to find out about the world and the future in which the film is set. Why things were that way and what caused them. I like a film that doesn't feel the need to explain every little thing to me and in this case as one of the characters in the film said...we get into that and then we start diagramming things on the table with straws. It is enough to know the basics of the story. I am sure there are probably some logic gaps and things that the cine-phile might find annoying but I really found this too be an enjoyable film. The action sequences are well done and in such a way that the violence has an impact. That is something that I wish more directors did. In cinema, often less is more. I am being a little vague as too plot because it will be more fun for you if you are a little surprised by things. I say if you are looking for some science fiction and some action then go see this film. I think you will enjoy it.

Monday, October 01, 2012

Speech Has Consequences

I am tired right now. I am tired of all of the Presidential election news. I am tired of people talking like electing Obama to a second term is going to be the end of the world and America as we know it.

"Yea verily, when the Black Devil Barack Obama is re-elected, then truly the real death will come upon America. The Angel of Death with all of the powers of his evil Socialist Masters shall fall upon us. The Communist overlords shall stand atop the smoking ruins of our capital and true patriots shall weep as a Thousand years of darkness shall fall upon us." 

Well, maybe that won't happen. I don't know either way. What I do know for sure is that I made all of it up just now. I didn't read something or study something that made me think I could predict the future because really I also know that you can't predict the future. It is silly to even try. It also benefits no one for me to do so. Now one thing I could do is send out a letter that kind of vaguely predicts things and is geared to scare people and prey on their fears. Their fears may be religious based or they may just be coming out of sheer ignorance but maybe if I can pray on the fears I can get them to send my some money and line my pockets a little bit. I mean really, what harm can I cause? Who is really hurt? What is wrong with a few white lies or grey lies as it were. 

What follows is a letter that Focus on the Family sent out in 2008 just before the Presidential elections. There are 34 things that they say might happen. There is one that maybe happened and 33 others that did not at all. It is an amazing exercise in trying to spread baseless fear.

Focus on the Family letter

 I think people should think before they claim that Obama wants to destroy America. The people like Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter. Words have consequences and people know that. During the last election as things began to wrap up and it looked more and more like Obama would win, I heard the same kind of talk about Bush. The liberal pundits and conspiracy theorists were sure that Bush was going to call a "State of Emergency" and suspend the election. That didn't happen. That the Republicans would use the electronic voting machines to change results. That didn't happen. America survived Bush and it will survive Obama and if Romney wins the election it will survive Romney. Life goes on.

 The only real difference this time around as far as propaganda goes is that there seems to me too be a lot more biblical speak that is being used to justify the accusations.  They know that the more inflamed they can make the populace the more money they can make. The more books they will sell and the higher their radio and television ratings will be. They don't care about us. I do not even think they care about America. They care about making money. They care about marketing and they care about getting fat on their propaganda while the rest of us shrivel away and get eaten up inside by stress and and anger and fear.

Ahhhhh, thanks for letting me vent folks. Deep breaths, Lance. Deep breaths. You guys be safe out there.