Where Do My Readers Come From?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


It is nice here inside the train car. The air conditioning is working and the sky is blue outside. I know people say that nature is meant to be enjoyed out of doors but as far as I am concerned I would rather be in a air conditioned car or house looking out at it when it is this hot. On this trip I usually see some deer out and a few other animals. There is a surprising amount of empty land between Wilsonville and Tualatin. But when the heat is like this it seems like the deer are even hiding.

I love the countryside in Oregon especially in this part of Oregon. I love that the trees are green and there seems to be always running water some place. On the train trip I pass by a couple of water features and when I get to final Beaverton stop there is another water area that always has dicks swimming in it. I usually stop on the bridge and look at them.

So far I am the only one on the train. I like it, the quite is nice and relaxing. I am sure that the usual crew will begin to show up and the murmur of conversation will begin. The hum of conversation along with the rhythmic noises of the train is almost soothing as we roll along. Sure there some annoyances here and there but most of the time I really enjoy it.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Power Train Warrenty

Hot today. It seems almost silly to complain about the weather. It's not like I can control it. Maybe that is human nature to complain about things that we have no control over. Why is it so important for humans to feel in control? Is it a horrible thing to just accept that some things are beyond our level of authority?

I used to and still do now and then get fired up about politics and about the perceived slights that the big G government was doing to me. At some point I realized that it wasn't beneficial for me to invest so much energy in being angry about things that I had no control over. It is the same with riding that train each morning. The one thing that I have any control over is my drive to Wilsonville. Other then that I am at the mercy of the train company. I just have to trust that the train will leave when advertised and will get me to the stop I need to get to.

What I find interesting is that I have no worries about the train doing just that. Though I am hearing that yesterday one of the trains just stopped on the tracks. haha. That is what I get for putting my faith in man made devices, CURSES!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

"Train" in Vain

It is Monday on what is supposed to be the hottest day of the year. I am thankful that the air conditioning seems to be working in the train. There are some new faces this morning. A youngish Hispanic gentleman in a blue pinstripe suit. He is wearing matching blue and black striped socks. I wish I had a camera to show you. I am finding it almost impossible to describe. It isn't that he looks bad it is just pretty wild.

The doors have closed and off we go with a toot toot from the horn. It is funny but the noise brings a smile to my face. I wonder if I am feeling like a kid again I do not think I was fascinated with trains or anything but this whole trip is something that I enjoy. The conversation around me is bouncing from the heat to who had the tightest shorts in highschool in the 70's the boys basketball team or the girls volleyball team.

Oooh a switch to the idea of socks and sandals and whether or not Birkenstocks are worth the money. The lady that I talk to usually is now giving the train man her cell phone so he can call her if the train is delayed. There is some concern it seems about if the heat will make the switches stick.

Today is the beginning of the campaign and circulaters should hit the streets by Tuesday. I am looking forward to seeing this process and I hope that we are successful in getting this to the voters. It is interesting for me in that I understand the cost and the stress that special elections like this cost. I think this process is what makes Oregon special. We were the first state to choose this method and I think it works for us. Only time will tell if this is going to translate into a career for me but I hope that it does.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Training" Day

I sit on/in the train facing south as I wait for us to move. I like the train. I like the peace of mind it brings me as I roll along. I am able to relax. I do not need to think about traffic or worry about what is going on around me. The conductor walks past. He seems like a nice fellow and I have chatted with him a few times. The usual lady sits diagonally across from me. She always has a notepad that she writes in as we travel. Perhaps she is blogging in an old fashioned manner.

There is a smattering of small talk around me. It is all the usual "Hot today, cold today". In some ways this is almost comforting to me. It is a sign that the world rolls on. That despite my frustration with politics or world events. That in my world things continue to move forward. The train keeps rolling and people keep being people.

A man in jeans shorts and sandals enters the train. He looks to be a computer guy of some sort. I have no idea really but that is my thought. He has the ubiquitous coffee travel mug as nearly 75% of all travelers do. Myself included to be honest though mine is left in the car today.

I will make coffee when I get to the office. Then my day will begin. It seems though that while I enjoy work what I enjoy most is the train. I will ride home in the afternoon with a new set of faces to look at and wonder about. I look forward to it.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

On-Line and on the train

As I write this I am sitting in the train car in Wilsonville. I have been riding the train from Wilsonville to Beaverton everyday for work since last Monday. I really have started to enjoy the process. It takes me about a half an hour to get to Beaverton transit center and then I catch a MAX train to the office which is one stop away. The train also has wireless which is just amazing for me to think a bout.

I do not have really a case or a point to make about mass transit vs cars or anything like that. It is just that for me it is saving me a little bit of money and allowing me to relax and not be stressed out by highway 217. I just wish the train would end up going all the way down to Salem one day. If you live in Salem and commute to Portland daily I would encourage you to check the train out. It is a nice trip.