Where Do My Readers Come From?

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday Thoughts....

The subconscious is an interesting thing. I always dream but I do not always remember my dreams. Some are for sure more vivid then others and last night was one of those dreams.

You Can Make Me Free - Billy Joel

I was with a friend that I have known for several years and we were hanging out at some sort of coffee shop but it wasn't one I was familiar with. It honestly felt like we were in Sweden but I am not sure why it felt that way. She was studying and I was just kind of hanging out. At one point I got up to go look into another part of the coffeeshop because a friend of ours was supposed to be over there. They were not and when I came back there was this kind of odd old man that was kind of bothering her.

I'm All Right - Kenny Loggins (Caddyshack Version)

So I sat back down but this time my chair had moved close to hers. There was kind of a time leap and our chairs were even closer and then a leap again and I was sitting sideways and she was leaning against my shoulder and we were still in our chairs. It filled me with a sense of peace and calmness. There was nothing romantic or sexual about this. It was just nice. We were just resting together in this public place but with a level of connection that was greater than usual. Everything felt good and right.

Reasons For Waiting - Jethro Tull

The comfortableness became almost a tiredness to the point of I felt the need to put my head on her shoulder and I did so with ease and that was nice as well as she rested her head against mine. Then time and space shifted again and we were walking through Silver Creek Falls. I knew that for a fact. We strolled and chatted about many different things. It didn't seem to matter what the subject was at all. It was just us strolling and talking with apparent ease on many different subjects.

One More Time - Hammerfall

After a while her father appeared and we walked with him for awhile. He told us a story about a young boy who had died in a car accident. The boy had been seven and her father was very upset by this. The boy was not related to anyone as far as I could tell and I remember thinking that while it was sad I didn't understand why her father was upset to the point of tears about it. It also appeared that her father was running the retreat center of the campground and soon he and his wife had to leave to go pay their taxes in California. Then time shifted again and her husband was there walking with us and her father was gone.

One And Only - Adele

The three of us walked for awhile and I remember us walking through a parking lot and I could see my van sitting their. Again walking together it was totally comfortable and there was no awkwardness of any kind. Things just felt right and natural and normal with no stress of any kind. In fact the only stress was that I saw their red truck in the distance and I knew that the conversation was going to have to end and I wanted to prolong it and I woke up. I woke up refreshed and rested and the memory of the dream still vividly in my head.

Self Inflicted - Katy Perry

That is the story of my dream. I share that because I found it interesting and I do enjoy thinking about what my dreams mean. Though in this case I can't imagine it meaning anything but good things. It did not leave me with any feeling other then good and comfortableness. It was a nice to have a nice dream and too remember that dream as well. If anything it has left me feeling very inspired to have a good day. So that is something to look forward too. I am also super happy with how the playlist turned out today. All random from my music machine and I have to tell you that I think they all work so well together. I love it when that kind of thing seems to happen.

The Cave - Mumford and Sons

I love you guys and I hope that you guys can have a great day. Take a deep breath. Text a friend. Call a friend. Hug a friend. Keep on dancing and keep up loving each other. You won't regret it.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Well, yesterday was a struggle but I managed to stay awake for most of the day and I am feeling pretty good today. I got a solid 1 am to 7 am sleep session and that is pretty much what my body needs to keeps itself on its natural schedule. So that is a good thing.

Valley - Tramped By Turtles

My music player sometimes seems to know just what I need to get things started. I love this song.

Yesterday was an interesting day. I spent a good chunk of the day in a fog because of the lack of sleep. So it was odd. I felt very off but at the same time functional.

Drowned - The Who

The intro into 'I am the Sea' off of the classic Who album Quadrophenia. You can never go wrong with this one.

I watched the State of the Union address last night. I always enjoy listening to the President speak even if it is a President that I am not a particular fan of. In the case of President Obama I was far more excited about him when he was first elected then I am now. But I am also well aware that I am operating at a certain level of frustration dealing with the federal govt and Congress right now because of their decision to end emergency unemployment. President Obama addressed that issue last night but I am not going to be holding my breath. Because even if they reinstate it I doubt I will be getting back pay and I am still going to be behind on some of my bills because of the their being no money of any kind coming in at all. But the job search continues. I applied for a job at the Oregon Lottery yesterday.

A World Of Our Own - The Seekers

A classic late 60's number. I like it.

I also watched the latest episode of the television show Justified last night and that show just seems to be getting better and better as far as I am concerned. The first 4 seasons are available on Amazon Streaming right now and if you have not ever watched it I would highly recommend it. If you are a fan of Elmore Leonard novels or police or detective stories I do not think you can go wrong with this one.

Mother of Light (A New Age Dawns pt 2) - Epica

One of my beloved Northern European metal bands. Except for these guys are Dutch. I love them.

I really feel like I am reaching for these to write about this morning. It feels like one of those days that I want to sit quietly in my room with the light off and sip my coffee while I listen to music with my eyes closed. I imagine that is how I am going to be spending part of the day for sure. I suppose that sounds depressing to some of you. But that isn't what it is. It is for me a way to just kind of calm myself and feel centered and anchored as part of the existing world around me. I am not being distracted by the latest television show or video game but am able to just sit quietly and breath. Thoughts may come and go but I do not dwell on those thoughts. They rise and sink but I continue to sit quietly and breath. That is for me, often, the best way to get myself back on track so to speak.

Beth - Kiss

I love this acoustic version of the song Beth by Kiss. One of my favorites.

 Well, that is is for today folks. The darkness is calling for me with its calm and its solitude. Keep those feet moving and keep on loving each other and try to remember that despite our politics we are all human and all deserving of a little pleasantness. Be kind to each other.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Good morning folks. I believe that I had three hours of sleep last night. I think. I am not sure what is going on with me but I tried to fall asleep around 11:30 or so and I was wide awake again about 2:45 or so. I imagine that today is going to be a rough one.

Man Alive - Billy Talent

This is a fast one to start us off today. I like Billy Talent and they are an example of what I think of as good music and the kind of music that often gets ignored in the entertainment industry of today.

I have been sleeping well lately so I am not sure what the issue is. I do know that there are times when I am unable to shake the worry and I think last night was one of those nights. I just lie there in bed and I worry. I couldn't get myself together enough to even meditate and mellow myself out. It was just a night of laying there in the darkness with my thoughts and I often would rather not do that. I would rather sleep when it is time for me to sleep. It benefits nothing and nobody least of all myself for me to lay there in the darkness and have the thoughts swirl around in my head.

I 4 U & U 4 Me - The Decemberists

This is a home demo version of the song and I really like it. But then I like everything that they do.

Perfect World - Billy Talent

This is from their 2nd album and a song that I really dig.

I find myself sitting here with my head tilted slightly to one side. My mind is blank as I listen to the music and try to hear a voice inside myself tell me what to write. I am waiting patiently for the voice to tell me what is okay to share with you and what is not okay for me to share. But it really feels like right now the vault is empty. There seems to be a slight echo in there. The wind whistles as it blows mournfully around the room and nothing is there to fill the emptiness. The walls are metal and grey. The floor is concrete and made shiny from the constant use and movement of the different baggage that has filled the room and been moved in and out at different times. I can only imagine that the room will be filled again one day but right now it sits empty and barren.

Sudden Movements - Billy Talent

This one is off of their 3rd album and another song that I think is great as far as I am concerned.

I sip my thermos of coffee and wonder what is going to fill the room. I don't think that it is necessarily good or bad that the room is empty. I am just not used to the room being empty. It does feel nice to not be on the verge of tears. But I never know one way or the other if that will change or if I am going to watch something that makes me tear up. I watched the wedding episode of the BBC's Sherlock Holmes last Sunday night and during the best man speech by Sherlock I totally was in tears. So I suppose one day without tears is nothing special. Though it does say something about my state of mind for the last 9 months that a day without crying is a notable thing.

Pocketful of Dreams - Billy Talent

The random machine is really locked in today. I do not mind though. I am really digging all of these songs.

I am not going to speculate about what the lack of tears means at all. It isn't worth it and I have no idea what the end result will be. It sometimes feels a curse to be as self aware as I am. I question my every emotion or intention. I think that is why I strive for daily zen and daily living on a moment to moment basis because then I am not questioning my very existence or being. It just gets tiresome to go through it on a regular basis. I do not think that self examination is a bad thing but I think that you can do to much of it and that can be a problem.

Brother - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

I like this band a lot and it wouldn't hurt for you to track them down if you like this song.

I watched a film from 1997 this morning called 'Bongwater'. It is an odd little film. It stars Luke Wilson and Jack Black and Andy Dick and Amy Locane and Alicia Witt and the late Brittney Murphy. It is based on a book of the same name that I haven't read and set in Portland, Or and New York City. It is just such an odd little film and a film that I feel like I used to enjoy years and years ago. I imagine that it was because it has Jack Black in it and he does a version of a Tenacious D song called "Jesus Ranch" and I was a serious fan of Tenacious D and pot and this movie had both. But other then that. It is really kind of an odd film. The story is kind of incoherent and at times the characters can be frustratingly unlikable. I feel like it comes from an odd time in film. The late 90's seems to have been infested with these kind of cheap knockoff ensemble films and I imagine it is Richard Linkletters fault now that I verbalize it.

Sorry - Trampled by Turtles

A great song by a great band.

I am not sure what I am going to be doing today. I may make an appearance at the coffeehouse since I am going to be up and around. Though I am have been trying to be careful with what little money that I have. So we shall see. Have a good day today folks and as always Keep On Dancing and Hug Someone Today. 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday Musings

It is Monday morning and the mental fog is in full effect but with every sip of my coffee I can feel the fog lifting away and that my friends is a good thing. I watched the Grammys last night. Or to be clear I watched part of the Grammys and then I looked for clips online of the performances because, lets be honest, CBS really does suck and they do not know how to put on a decent live show to save their lives. The Grammys are a perfect example of that. They took a music show and rather then just show it live and let people enjoy all of the crazy and the power and emotion that live music can bring they put it on a two hour recorded tape delay on the west coast. Pretty lame CBS, pretty lame. That and boy does LL Cool J suck now. He has become the harmless friendly black man that CBS and old people just love. It makes me weep and long for the days of Chuck D and the anger of Public Enemy. It was a pretty pathetic effort from all concerned except for the bands that were actually performing and  CBS did all they could to mess that up as well.

We Float - PJ Harvey

I love what PJ Harvey does with music. I do not listen to her all of the time but when I do I always am happy that I did.

It isn't that I am surprised that CBS screwed the pooch on this one. They always seem to do it. But I am surprised that they even bother. Maybe they were afraid of competing with Downton Abby or something.

Make You Feel My Love - Adele

This is a beautiful song. Just lovely.

I know that I have been staying away from the typical these things suck all of the time posts but I felt like I had to at least mention the Grammys. I would have been doing a disservice to music in general if I tried to act like what happened last night was okay. Because it was not. It was just bad. But I am over it. What else is going on?

Summer Boy - Lady Gaga

Why was this song not a bigger hit? Odd. It seems to fit right in her style window. Though I could argue that this was written for Gwen Stefani. It sure sounds like it.

I went to the Wizard World Comic Con with my brother in Portland this weekend and it was fun. But it was interesting and far more about popular nerd and geek culture and being an obsessed fan then it was about comic books. I love television and movies but I am not going to pay upwards of $25 to say hello to a celebrity who is not going to remember who I am among the 500 other fans that they met that day. There were lots of people who seemed to love doing it and that is great for them but I just can't get excited about doing that. It is nice to see what those people look like in person as opposed to on the television or the movie screen. But other than that I do not care if they are there. I would much rather just get a book signed by the author or artist who drew it. I think my position is in the minority though.

My Weakness - Moby

Awesome song.

I did enjoy seeing the various cosplayers though. It is always fun to see the different costumes that people wear at such an event. Some people put some real effort into their costumes and others put in less. But that is the nature of things and sometimes ones passion overrides ones ability to actually create the item that they are trying to replicate. That being said. It was still very cool to see and made me wish that I was that passionate about some things in my life. I do not know what that would be though but I suppose how I feel about the Portland Timbers comes pretty close. I do dress up for the matches after all.

I Saw A Man - Johnny Cash

Believer or not, this is a good song..

That is it for today. Time to apply for some more jobs. Maybe I will be able to catch at least an interview, at this point getting an interview at least feels like success. Have a good Monday folks. Give your friends and family a hug and keep on dancing.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ska Sunday

Today just feels like a good day for some Ska and some Reggae. I am hoping to kick this week of strongly and I am hoping to get you guys a full 7 days of blog posts. So away we go...

Get Up, Stand Up : Bob Marley

A classic reggae song and one of the most popular tunes by Bob Marley and the Wailers. A song that I always enjoy listening too no matter how many times that I hear it.

I have no agenda for today. I am just going to let whatever pops into the brain get spit out onto the computer screen. So we shall see what happens. It is sometimes scare for me to just uncork the flow and let the wisdom spray but there are other times where I feel like it must be done to just allow for some freedom. I just am not always sure about the times when I need to do it the most.

Buffalo Soldier - Bob Marley

Another classic and a sad song about slavery.

Sometimes I wonder when I read different peoples political posts on Facebook, I wonder what people from the early 1900's would think about the America that exists today. Or even the world such as it is compared to how things were when they were alive. One thing that I am sure off and if I am wrong please feel free to correct me. But, today, here in modern times. If I am paying attention, It is very easy for me to know what is going on in other parts of the world. (If I am actually bothering to pay attention that is)

Reburial - Potato 5

Ska at it's finest and probably a song that none of you have ever heard before.

If I am paying attention I know what is going on or at least think that I know what is going on all over the world. I cam instantly communicate with someone next door or thousands of miles away. I can talk to them voice to voice with no delay at all. I wonder sometimes if this speed of information is a good thing. Is it really worth it for me to have the ability to put whatever random thought that I have out there on the internet for all to see? I can really only speak for myself but I know for a fact that it is better for me if I take the time to think a little bit about what I am going to say before I throw it out there. A little bit of Twitter is a dangerous thing.

I'm The Living - Jimmy Cliff

Not sure how good the quality is on this one but the song is amazing.

It used to take months or sometimes close to a year for people to talk to each other. That alone would be mind blowing for someone from the past to experience. But I think how America looks would be mind blowing as well. I am sure that there people in the past who were convinced that America was going to end based totally on the politics of the time and yet here we are. How surprised do you think that they would be to see America still standing? Or would you argue with me and tell me that the America of today is not the real America?

Madness - Prince Buster

A good if not great political ska song. Prince Buster was one of the greats.

That, frankly is not an argument I am interested in having because I think that there is so much open to personal beliefs and interpretation when you start debate what the "real America" is or is not supposed to be. It just seems like a conversation that is almost guaranteed to make you angry and crazy. I think that the reality is that America has become what America is supposed to be. There is an inertia in place and America continues to roll forward. It continues to roll despite the liberal or conservative politics of whomever is trumpeting its success or destruction. If there is one thing that I love about America I suppose that is it. Regardless of the politics the people still continue to roll on. Perhaps I am naive but I do not think so. Only time will tell and I am okay with waiting to find out.

Mirror in the Bathroom - English Beat

Thanks for reading folks. I hope things are well and I hope to talk to you soon. If I can leave you with one thing it would be this. "Keep dancing folks. keep dancing"

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

9 Months

It's been nine months...nine months since he left me, left us, left everything behind. It isn't helpful for me to speculate and to ask myself why. Though it happens. It happens when I lay wide awake in the darkness of my room and my mind starts to scream, WHY, WHY, WHY.

The Ghost of Rockschool - Belle and Sebastian

It happens when I slip in my meditation and think that I don't need it. But if I don't do it. If I don't stay focused on centering myself in the present and the now. The voices come back. The sadness comes back. The questions come back. I start asking myself if I let him down. What could I have done to have saved him from his darkness. It is very easy for me to put the face on and be the Lance that everybody expects me to be. I have grown used to it.

The Wrong Girl - Belle and Sebastian

But, there are times when I am not sure who or what the real Lance is. You would think that I could have figured that out by now. Perhaps I will one day. I am honestly not sure if I need too. Though it would be nice if I could find a way to use my tiresome existential angst to pay the bills. But then I suppose I would not fit the profile of a tortured artist. Am I am artist? I do not know.

Hand in Glove - The Smiths

Does having a blog make me an artist? Or am I thinking far to highly of myself. I suppose either is possible. Is it fear that stops me from fully embracing my writing? Maybe it is my laziness. I just do not know. That seems to me to be the constant in all of my writing. I do not know and it drives me nuts to not know. Why is that so important to me?

Atomic - Sleeper

There are plenty of people who do not know and they seem to be just fine. Or perhaps they do not feel the need to blurt everything out here on the computer screen so that everyone can read it. Again, I do not know. The only thing that I can say for sure is that I do not like taking pills to help myself sleep. I do not like how it makes me feel the day after.

Hotel Song - Regina Spektor

Once again though. The writing has helped me. The writing has gotten things out that were swirling around in my brain. In some way the writing has saved me. It always has. It always has when I allow myself to do it. When I give myself in to the thoughts that are flowing through me and I write them down without a filter. That is the time when it saves me. The words have to get out. Sometimes I can tell that is going on when I am giving someone a free lecture at the coffeehouse and I can see their eyes glazing over. I wonder is this more for me benefit or theirs. I suspect that it is for mine. But I would like to think that it is for them.

Satellite of Love - Lou Reed

I miss you Eric. I miss hanging out with you. I miss playing disc golf with you. I miss going to concerts. I miss watching soccer. I miss eating scotch eggs. I miss drinking with you. I miss arguing about movies. Sometimes I hate you for leaving me and making me feel this way. I remember watching you ride away in that VW Van with Casey and surprising myself with my tears. I remember how happy and excited I was when you came rolling back down the street.

Perfect Day - Lou Reed

I MISS YOU AND YOU ARE NEVER COMING BACK AND IT FUCKING SUCKS. It just fucking sucks. There is no other way for me to say it. There is no way to sugarcoat it.

Camera Obscura - Nico

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Late Night

I watch a lot of films or movies or whatever I happen to stumble across on Netflix or Amazon prime. It really just depends on the mood that I am in I suppose. There are times when I watch episode after episode of different television programs, sometimes they are documentaries or travel shows and sometimes they are cooking shows but the cooking shows tend to not be watched as often as the travel ones. It really just depends on what I have going on inside my brain.

This Is it - Kenny Loggins

Sometimes I wake up at 2:30 in the morning with a nasty case of heartburn and realize that sleep is going to be a fleeting thing. So I lay there in the dark for awhile. The thoughts come and go. They touch down in my brain like one of those water bugs and skitter away. I do not try to actively grab them. They land and leave again. Some leave more of a mark then others do but I am never sure what it is that is going to stick and leave it's mark. I just never know.

Whenever I Call You "Friend" - Kenny Loggins

Today I spent a lot of time. Some might say too much time. Thinking about film and music that exists within the films. I love music and I love when a film and a song can tie together so beautifully that you forget that you are watching a movie and you are just involved in the experience of the scene. Now some people call the video montage cheating in a film. But as far as I am concerned film is a visual medium and it is not an easy thing to pick a song that actually works in a montage. As I was pondering this today it occurred to me that a lot of the montages that I like are from films that were inspirational in the nature of the montage. It may be that this thought crossed my mind because I just watched both the original and the remake of "Footloose" this week. But, the thing is. I like these songs and these scenes but it isn't in an ironic way. I just plain like them.

Footloose - Kenny Loggins

I like the way everything fits together. In the case of Footloose and Kenny Loggins it is the final dance sequence that just works. It is supremely silly. I mean this is a prom filled with kids who have lived in a town for 5 to 6 years where there was no dancing. But, that does not stop them. When Ren storms back in and yells 'Let's dance!" and the magical glitter fills the air, these kids start to break it down and you start to believe that you can dance as well. You are transported for a moment out of yourself and you can really feel the power of the dance and fun that these kids are having. That is why I love film and the experience that amazing film can bring you. Sometimes it is just a scene. It is not the whole film. Footloose is a good example of that because really the film as a whole is not a very good one. But oh there are moments when it is transcendent.

Danger Zone - Kenny Loggins

There are bad montages in films as well there is no doubt about that. It can often be as simple as picking the wrong song or even the correct song but the actual scene itself just doesn't work or doesn't make any sense at all. One of my favorite slow motion montage scenes is in 'The Royal Tenenbaums' when Margo steps off of the green line bus to pick up Richie. The song is by Nico and it is one of the most beautiful things that I have ever seen.

These Days - Nico

It may be for me the whole impact of the film itself and I do believe that Wes Anderson is a master when it comes to doing this. He operates at a totally different level when it comes to doing this. There are no other directors that even come close to what he can achieve in just a few moments of film. I could fill several pages worth just about that. So good.

Top Gun Volleyball Scene

Now this would be a scene that just doesn't work. It is both unintentionally comic and in someways unintentionally homo-erotic, not that there is anything wrong with that. The whole film Top Gun is filled with bad montage sequences that are either action filled or romantic. It is pretty pathetic all things considered. In fact some might be willing to argue that this movie wrecked the whole idea of a montage. But I may be making to much of it. Though, can you blame me? I am a blogger and that is what bloggers do. I just choose to do it about music and film as opposed to politics or things that can really make me crazy.

Footloose - Dance scene warehouse

You go Ren, dance that anger out of you.

Hot Rod Dance Scene

Hmm a spoof or an homage? Either way, Hot Rod is an awesome film and you should watch it.

Thanks for listening to my ramble folks. I sometimes think of myself as spewing out a lot of mumbo jumbo but a very nice girl told me that no mumbo jumbo comes out of my mouth. I thought that was a nice thing to say. So I am going to choose to remember that and keep doing what I do. Have a good Sunday folks.

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Thursday Music Mix

Getting it going this morning.

Inject The Venom - ACDC

Not one of their big hits but pretty typical of their song style. It does have some excellent guitar and drum work.

Well as I suspected it would be. The Big Lebowski on the big screen was awesome. The theater that we went to is called Cinetopia and it was very nice. The most interesting thing for me was that it is totally digital. There is no actual film or film reels. No actual booth at all. This is interesting to me because I used to do most of my work in the projectionist booth. They do not even have a projectionist as far as I could tell.

Love Reign o'er Me - The Who

I love this song and this whole album is one of the best rock albums ever. Quadrophenia is a work of spectacular genius as far as I am concerned.

It was a bittersweet moment for me looking up at the ceiling in Cinetopia and just seeing the platforms with the digital projectors sitting on them. It wasn't that the presentation was bad. Because it wasn't at all. The picture and sound quality were very good and to be honest. It was hard to work with actual film stock. Film stock can be brittle and can break and rip and burn. The beauty and peace of mind with digital is that it does none of those things and can basically last forever. So I understand the need for it I really do.

Everything's Blue - Architecture in Helsinki

Very nice song. This is a good band period.

In the film 'Fight Club' there is a line about "cigarette burns". The little circles in the top right corner of the screen. Well these will soon be artifacts of the past, the small scratches or lines you might see. All gone.

This means something to me because I spent a very large portion of my twenties working in such as setting as Tyler Durden is above. I miss it. That is one of the parts of my life that I struggle with. I miss it and I know that it is not good to dwell on things from the past that I am never going to be able to get back to. Those times are gone and it benefits no one for me to anchor myself in nostalgia about it. I get it on an intellectual level. But..I..Loved..That..Job. I loved that more then any other work I have ever done in my life. It was the perfect job for me. Perfect.

Never Did No Wanderin' - The Folksmen

Do yourself a favor and see 'A Mighty Wind'.

It was dark and quiet in the booth. If I had everything turned down the only noise would be the whir and clack of the machines as the film spun and ran through to the other reel. I was away from the noise and chaos of the lobby as the herd of costumers and mouth breathers filled it. As they stood and stared vacantly at the highly over priced items in the snack bar. The booth was my domain. I was the one in charge of it. If the viewing experience was a bad one for the costumer it was one me. As the films got older it would become harder and harder to maintain them. I would have to tape and clip them together to make them run smoother because if you didn't you would run the risk of them breaking or catching on the machine and then getting all jammed up. The worst possible thing was a break that wouldn't stop the machine and the film would just pool up in a big pile on the floor. That was never fun.

Big Time - Big and Rich

Good song.

I always had time to read. I always had time to watch a film and listen to it. I always had time to listen to a film over and over and hear the good dialogue and see the great visuals. Well this took an odd turn today. I suppose I have missed my theater job far more then I was willing to ever admit. I am honestly a little surprised. But the truth is that I have friends who also worked with me at the theaters in Salem and Eugene and Bend and I am still friends with them over 20 years later. It was a great job and I miss it.

Kuolema Tekee Taiteilija - Nightwish

Such a pretty song and sung in Finnish or Icelandic I believe.

So I guess this was interesting. It was for me at least. I hadn't really processed how much it meant to me to work in the projectionist booth. So I suppose that this was a good thing overall. Have a good day out there today folks. Love each other.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Wednesday Music Mix

It looks like it is going to be a wet one out their folks. Well wet at least for those of us in the Pacific Northwest. I realize that the east coast and most of the mid west is caught in a horrible cold snap or polar vortex or what ever. Either way it must suck. I am once again thankful that I live in the Pacific Northwest and Oregon.

Sweet Lady - Queen

Not one of their big hits but a good song nonetheless.

Well it seems that all of the Duck Dynasty hype has settled down. All that I can really say is that I am not at all surprised that there were little to no consequences for any of the parties involved other then an uptick in publicity and sales for all involved. In fact this is what I wrote on Facebook in response to a friend on Dec 19th,

"They won't move networks and in a week or so this will all blow over. If it doesn't they will continue to sell duck calls and dvd's from their website just like they did for years before the show was on. The family doesn't need A&E. I suspect that is why Phil felt the freedom to say what he really thought. Odds are that he signed a contract when he took the show with A&E and this kind of thing was already addressed and that is why Phil was punished."

The only thing that I would change is that I do not think Phil was punished. He did not and will not miss any filming so his suspension from the show did not affect anything.

Jaded - Operation Ivy

A great, great song.

But what I have found interesting lately is that articles are popping up with pictures of the Duck Dynasty sons before the show went on the air and 'gasp'. They didn't have beards and they weren't wearing camouflage. The writers of these articles are acting like they uncovered some sort of scandal and this just amuses me so much. It is a reality television show, of course it is fake. Dummies. Why is this a shock to anybody?

1st Movement (Jumping Biz) - ELO

Classic piece by ELO

That is all I am going to say about Duck Dynasty. I am just surprised that people are shocked that it is dramatized. The show is what it is. If you do not like it do not watch it. I have stopped watching it. I also do not watch or listen to things with Rush Limbaugh or Bill O'Reilly or Bill Mahar and rarely The Daily Show or anything on Fox News or CNN or MSNBC. I find the whole world to be less angry and fearful for me if I stick to reading my news as opposed to having it broadcast at me. What I mainly try to do is to avoid the echo chamber effect if at all possible and by and large I do a pretty good job of that.

Kisses Sweeter Than Wine - Jimmy Rogers

I like this song. It is just a nice pleasant song.

Now excuse me while I do some deep breathing and some deep cross nostril breathing. I have found both of those techniques to be very helpful when it comes to keeping myself calm and centered.

Empty Chairs At Empty Tables - Eddie Redmayne (Marius in Les Miserable)

This was a sad, sad song. But also very beautiful.

I am going to Portland today and that is always a good thing. I am visiting my friend Katy for coffee and that is always fun and the climax of the day is seeing 'The Big Lebowski' on the big screen with my buddy Travis and that is going to be epic. I am very excited about that.

Let's Get Retarded - Black Eyed Peas

I remember when this band was huge. I didn't remember owning any of them. blech

I am not thrilled at ending the mix today on that particular song. I wonder if I should roll the dice and see what comes up next? Nope I am going to stop at 6 today. Have a good one folks. I wish that we could all be as happy as this little girl in her cupcake costume.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Tuesday Music Mix

Good morning on what may be a wet or dry morning. I am not sure as I have not looked outside yet.

Stricken - No Doubt

Good song a little dramatic and sappy but I believe it was written by a teen girl. So I will allow it.

Tomorrow night I am getting taken to see 'The Big Lebowski' on the big screen in Portland. I am very much looking forward to that. It is personally one of my favorite films and one that has grown on me over time. The first time I watched it I found it a little hard to watch and I am not sure exactly why. Though I have noticed that several of the Cohen Brothers films that I love were initially a little hard for me to watch.

Get The Fever Out - Samantha Crain and The Midnight Shivers

I enjoyed this poppy little tune from this small band. I am not sure if they are even together.

Being able to see it again on the big screen will be a great experience I am sure. That is one of the many good or great things about living near the Portland area. There are often some great films being shown or shown again and if you are paying attention you can have some great experiences. If you like that kind of thing that is.

I Want You Now - Depeche Mode

One of Depeche Modes great songs. I saw this band in concert and it felt like it was a really good show. Worth seeing live.

Maria - Men at Work

A very nice song from the boys who came from down under.

Boy I guess I emptied the ol' noggin after yesterday. There is not much going on. I am not feeling upset or super happy. I am just feeling present and I think that is good. But, when I am digging for something to write about it isn't as helpful. But that is the way the cookie crumbles I suppose. I am not complaining about it.

See What A Fool I've Been - Queen

This is a seriously good bluesy Queen song. So good.

Keep on loving each other today folks and if you get a chance. Take a moment and take a deep breath. Breathe in through your nose and really try to fill your lungs with that air. Then hold it for a bit and release it through your mouth. You will feel the better for it. Trust me and if you can find the time to do it once today then maybe tomorrow you can find the time to do it twice and so on and so on. It will help. Trust me.

Monday, January 06, 2014

Monday Music Mix

Late Sunday night or early Monday morning post, either way it is 3:30 in the morning and I am wide awake.

Jessie's Girl - Rick Springfield

A classic song. Give it a listen.

Well today was the day. Because Congress decided not to fund it and decided to go on their nearly month long Christmas vacation my EUC ended. Or Emergency Unemployment Compensation ended. I had nearly $2000.00 left in my account. Now I am not sure what Congress's definition of Emergency is. But mine is being out of work for over a year and having to live with my parents. It isn't that I have not been looking. I really wish I had just been lazing around and soaking up the fat cream from the Gov't teat. But that has not been the case.

So Low - Dallas Green

A very nice song. Nice and mellow and emo.

I knew that the money would not last forever and I have been applying for jobs. This will not change that. I will continue to apply for jobs but I do not foresee anything changing in the getting hired department anytime soon. It feels like every job that I apply for has several hundred applicants in front of me. Such is life I suppose. and I must continue to put one foot in front of the other and move forward one way or the other.

Old Enough - The Raconteurs

Love this song so much. Jack White is amazing and this band is really solid.

I am well aware that things could be worse for me. I am living with my parents and their is a roof over my head and I am dry and warm. There is food in the cupboard and people love me. So it is not all horrible doom and gloom. But I think, honestly, who really wants to be unemployed? I like to work. I like to be busy. I would like to be able to pay some of my school loans off and some of my other debt. To be able to do that would be a great thing.

Say You Love Me - Fleetwood Mac

Another classic song. I really do like Fleetwood Mac

As long as I can I will continue to write and post when the mood strikes me. I do not intend for this situation to stop that at all. But this is the reality that I am facing today. As nice as it is when I meditate and keep myself centered there is also certain realities and practicalities that need to be faced as well as far as my daily existence goes. The trains need to run and the bills need to be payed.

You Made Me Forget My Dreams - Belle and Sebastian

This is a haunting and lovely song. Wow. So good.

So....despite the unemployment issue. Things are actually pretty good on an emotional level. I feel good. I am feeling happy and I am putting love and empathy out into the world. I care for others and I love them and I want to be able to help others even if it is on an emotional and mental level. Since I am unable to do it on a financial level right now. I want to be there and be able to listen and too care for others. I like being that listening ear and that shoulder to cry on. That is all I really ask. That is me,

 Lance Cummins, unlicensed counselor and therapist and professional hugger and snuggler. Please email me if you would like to make an appointment. 

Courage - Manowar

Hang in there folks and above all keep on dancing.

Friday, January 03, 2014

Fantastic Friday Music Mix

Keeping it going on this Fantastic Friday.

Story of Isaac - Leonard Cohen

 I like Leonard Cohen but this is an interesting song choice. It is a lovely song musically that is for sure. But I am not sure about the rest of it. All in all an odd start to the mix today.

Flash - Queen

I love this song and the movie. It is just great campy fun.

I spent the afternoon with a friend yesterday and I was reminded this morning how nice it is to spend time with someone that you can be totally honest with. There is a freedom to not having any layers between you. I know that such a thing is not the norm for everyone and it can be very hard to achieve even among married couples and my friend and I are not a couple by any means. But we have done a great job, for many different reasons, at just being upfront and honest and clear with each other and that makes our time together just a really good time and a time that is often just very refreshing.

A Bunch of Lonesome Heroes - Leonard Cohen

Another classic Cohen song. This is one that makes me think of life on the open road and rails just ramblin along.

Mountain Sound - Of Monsters And Men

This is a great song and really this whole album was just plain solid. Good stuff.

I have been sitting here feeling the thoughts dip in and out of my brain. But nothing is staying long enough to really allow me to get a hook into it and unpack it for you guys. I guess today is more of a music day and not a mental day. That happens sometimes.

Photographic - Depeche Mode

I love Depeche Mode.

I am thinking about going down to the Coffehouse today and doing some writing. But honestly right now I just do not see that happening. It isn't that I feel unable to too. It kind of feels like the socializing would wear me out. I suppose I could tuck myself into a hidden corner. But, I know that once I was down there I would want to talk to my friends rather then put ear plugs in and hide myself away.

Whoah - Midnight Oil

 I feel like I should apologize for today. The writing is not coming. The thoughts are not flowing. But I am enjoying the songs that are popping up. I am just not feeling the flow, as it were.

Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress - Hollies

Classic song.

You folks have a great Friday.