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Thursday, January 09, 2014

Thursday Music Mix

Getting it going this morning.

Inject The Venom - ACDC

Not one of their big hits but pretty typical of their song style. It does have some excellent guitar and drum work.

Well as I suspected it would be. The Big Lebowski on the big screen was awesome. The theater that we went to is called Cinetopia and it was very nice. The most interesting thing for me was that it is totally digital. There is no actual film or film reels. No actual booth at all. This is interesting to me because I used to do most of my work in the projectionist booth. They do not even have a projectionist as far as I could tell.

Love Reign o'er Me - The Who

I love this song and this whole album is one of the best rock albums ever. Quadrophenia is a work of spectacular genius as far as I am concerned.

It was a bittersweet moment for me looking up at the ceiling in Cinetopia and just seeing the platforms with the digital projectors sitting on them. It wasn't that the presentation was bad. Because it wasn't at all. The picture and sound quality were very good and to be honest. It was hard to work with actual film stock. Film stock can be brittle and can break and rip and burn. The beauty and peace of mind with digital is that it does none of those things and can basically last forever. So I understand the need for it I really do.

Everything's Blue - Architecture in Helsinki

Very nice song. This is a good band period.

In the film 'Fight Club' there is a line about "cigarette burns". The little circles in the top right corner of the screen. Well these will soon be artifacts of the past, the small scratches or lines you might see. All gone.

This means something to me because I spent a very large portion of my twenties working in such as setting as Tyler Durden is above. I miss it. That is one of the parts of my life that I struggle with. I miss it and I know that it is not good to dwell on things from the past that I am never going to be able to get back to. Those times are gone and it benefits no one for me to anchor myself in nostalgia about it. I get it on an intellectual level. But..I..Loved..That..Job. I loved that more then any other work I have ever done in my life. It was the perfect job for me. Perfect.

Never Did No Wanderin' - The Folksmen

Do yourself a favor and see 'A Mighty Wind'.

It was dark and quiet in the booth. If I had everything turned down the only noise would be the whir and clack of the machines as the film spun and ran through to the other reel. I was away from the noise and chaos of the lobby as the herd of costumers and mouth breathers filled it. As they stood and stared vacantly at the highly over priced items in the snack bar. The booth was my domain. I was the one in charge of it. If the viewing experience was a bad one for the costumer it was one me. As the films got older it would become harder and harder to maintain them. I would have to tape and clip them together to make them run smoother because if you didn't you would run the risk of them breaking or catching on the machine and then getting all jammed up. The worst possible thing was a break that wouldn't stop the machine and the film would just pool up in a big pile on the floor. That was never fun.

Big Time - Big and Rich

Good song.

I always had time to read. I always had time to watch a film and listen to it. I always had time to listen to a film over and over and hear the good dialogue and see the great visuals. Well this took an odd turn today. I suppose I have missed my theater job far more then I was willing to ever admit. I am honestly a little surprised. But the truth is that I have friends who also worked with me at the theaters in Salem and Eugene and Bend and I am still friends with them over 20 years later. It was a great job and I miss it.

Kuolema Tekee Taiteilija - Nightwish

Such a pretty song and sung in Finnish or Icelandic I believe.

So I guess this was interesting. It was for me at least. I hadn't really processed how much it meant to me to work in the projectionist booth. So I suppose that this was a good thing overall. Have a good day out there today folks. Love each other.

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