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Thursday, January 02, 2014

Thursday Music Mix

Welcome back to this post holiday Thursday that feels like a Monday. It is nothing special. I have always felt that the days following the Christmas and New Years Holidays are odd ones. They just sit there all alone and in this case it feels odd because it is a Thursday and just sits there ahead of the weekend.

Turn The Page - Rush

Well this is a nice treat. I like Rush but I haven't listened to them much lately. They are always worth listening too as far as I am concerned though I should probably give their newer stuff a listen too now and then.

Then or Than? A pair of words and spellings that I am pretty sure I use incorrectly. I am pretty sure that the correct way to use both of them has been explained to me and I for the life of me have the hardest time doing it. There are times when I feel bad about that but most of the time I really don't. I have never been all that hung up about grammar which I am sure is a gross failing on my part.

Cat's Squirrel - Jethro Tull

This is a nice little treat. Almost jazz like in its meanderings across the musical soundscape with a little blues thrown in for good measure. I really like it.

But, back to the matter at hand. I do not mind being corrected when I miss use words or use them incorrectly. But I would rather that I was corrected in a polite and private manner. To me that is the way things need to be done in a civil society. There are a few and really it is a sad few who feel the need to correct people in a public way on the many public forums that people of today use to communicate with each other on the internet. Often Facebook feels like a minefield rather, then or than, a place for people to communicate or entertain each other.

Marathon - Rush

It looks like the music player has locked into some prog rock what with two by Rush and one by Jethro Tull. We shall see what the future holds.

Back to Facebook. I like Facebook but there are times when it feels like the town square is full of crazies and each one is standing on their soapbox and trying to shout over the top of all of the other crazies. You may have one guy talking about a movie that he liked or didn't like. While in another corner you have some jackass screaming about some pizza company and their television commercials that he finds totally annoying. It would actually be okay if it was just that but it isn't, instead the people who disagree with the soap boxers engage with them by using often their only tools which are ridicule and abuse. It is hard to have reasoned debate on Facebook and often, I suspect, reasoned debate is not the goal and that is sad.

Whistles The Wind - Flogging Molly

Well, the blackness came on quickly. Flogging Molly was a special band to me and my friend Eric and now Eric is gone and he is not coming back. His life is gone and I will not be listening too or seeing this band with him ever again and that makes me sad. I miss you brother.

Touch - Daft Punk

This is a really good album, There are some great songs on it.

Reasoned debate? Is that really a thing? Has reasoned debate ever really existed? I would like to think that it did but I also think that I am probably wrong about that. Information travels so fast now that people rarely take the time to think about what they are saying before they send off a response and I think in the times before the internet the sheer amount of time it took to respond just allowed people to cool down. Taking some time to respond is not a bad thing. I lost a job once because of a quickly worded snappy email. I was totally out of line. So it doesn't bother me all that much now but at the time it was pretty upsetting.

Edge Of The Universe - Bee Gees

This is a live track and a pretty good one. Though I am not sure about its place in the earlier songs in this mix. It is nice though.

Dark Paradise - Lana Del Rey

Wow. This is a sad song. I have not really listened to the lyrics before. Ouch.

Well, I am going to leave you folks on that somber note. Hang in there today and love each other okay.

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