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Friday, January 03, 2014

Fantastic Friday Music Mix

Keeping it going on this Fantastic Friday.

Story of Isaac - Leonard Cohen

 I like Leonard Cohen but this is an interesting song choice. It is a lovely song musically that is for sure. But I am not sure about the rest of it. All in all an odd start to the mix today.

Flash - Queen

I love this song and the movie. It is just great campy fun.

I spent the afternoon with a friend yesterday and I was reminded this morning how nice it is to spend time with someone that you can be totally honest with. There is a freedom to not having any layers between you. I know that such a thing is not the norm for everyone and it can be very hard to achieve even among married couples and my friend and I are not a couple by any means. But we have done a great job, for many different reasons, at just being upfront and honest and clear with each other and that makes our time together just a really good time and a time that is often just very refreshing.

A Bunch of Lonesome Heroes - Leonard Cohen

Another classic Cohen song. This is one that makes me think of life on the open road and rails just ramblin along.

Mountain Sound - Of Monsters And Men

This is a great song and really this whole album was just plain solid. Good stuff.

I have been sitting here feeling the thoughts dip in and out of my brain. But nothing is staying long enough to really allow me to get a hook into it and unpack it for you guys. I guess today is more of a music day and not a mental day. That happens sometimes.

Photographic - Depeche Mode

I love Depeche Mode.

I am thinking about going down to the Coffehouse today and doing some writing. But honestly right now I just do not see that happening. It isn't that I feel unable to too. It kind of feels like the socializing would wear me out. I suppose I could tuck myself into a hidden corner. But, I know that once I was down there I would want to talk to my friends rather then put ear plugs in and hide myself away.

Whoah - Midnight Oil

 I feel like I should apologize for today. The writing is not coming. The thoughts are not flowing. But I am enjoying the songs that are popping up. I am just not feeling the flow, as it were.

Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress - Hollies

Classic song.

You folks have a great Friday.

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