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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday Thoughts....

The subconscious is an interesting thing. I always dream but I do not always remember my dreams. Some are for sure more vivid then others and last night was one of those dreams.

You Can Make Me Free - Billy Joel

I was with a friend that I have known for several years and we were hanging out at some sort of coffee shop but it wasn't one I was familiar with. It honestly felt like we were in Sweden but I am not sure why it felt that way. She was studying and I was just kind of hanging out. At one point I got up to go look into another part of the coffeeshop because a friend of ours was supposed to be over there. They were not and when I came back there was this kind of odd old man that was kind of bothering her.

I'm All Right - Kenny Loggins (Caddyshack Version)

So I sat back down but this time my chair had moved close to hers. There was kind of a time leap and our chairs were even closer and then a leap again and I was sitting sideways and she was leaning against my shoulder and we were still in our chairs. It filled me with a sense of peace and calmness. There was nothing romantic or sexual about this. It was just nice. We were just resting together in this public place but with a level of connection that was greater than usual. Everything felt good and right.

Reasons For Waiting - Jethro Tull

The comfortableness became almost a tiredness to the point of I felt the need to put my head on her shoulder and I did so with ease and that was nice as well as she rested her head against mine. Then time and space shifted again and we were walking through Silver Creek Falls. I knew that for a fact. We strolled and chatted about many different things. It didn't seem to matter what the subject was at all. It was just us strolling and talking with apparent ease on many different subjects.

One More Time - Hammerfall

After a while her father appeared and we walked with him for awhile. He told us a story about a young boy who had died in a car accident. The boy had been seven and her father was very upset by this. The boy was not related to anyone as far as I could tell and I remember thinking that while it was sad I didn't understand why her father was upset to the point of tears about it. It also appeared that her father was running the retreat center of the campground and soon he and his wife had to leave to go pay their taxes in California. Then time shifted again and her husband was there walking with us and her father was gone.

One And Only - Adele

The three of us walked for awhile and I remember us walking through a parking lot and I could see my van sitting their. Again walking together it was totally comfortable and there was no awkwardness of any kind. Things just felt right and natural and normal with no stress of any kind. In fact the only stress was that I saw their red truck in the distance and I knew that the conversation was going to have to end and I wanted to prolong it and I woke up. I woke up refreshed and rested and the memory of the dream still vividly in my head.

Self Inflicted - Katy Perry

That is the story of my dream. I share that because I found it interesting and I do enjoy thinking about what my dreams mean. Though in this case I can't imagine it meaning anything but good things. It did not leave me with any feeling other then good and comfortableness. It was a nice to have a nice dream and too remember that dream as well. If anything it has left me feeling very inspired to have a good day. So that is something to look forward too. I am also super happy with how the playlist turned out today. All random from my music machine and I have to tell you that I think they all work so well together. I love it when that kind of thing seems to happen.

The Cave - Mumford and Sons

I love you guys and I hope that you guys can have a great day. Take a deep breath. Text a friend. Call a friend. Hug a friend. Keep on dancing and keep up loving each other. You won't regret it.

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