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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

New Years Day Music Mix (because I am bored)

I hope your New Years Day was a good one. I am kinda bored and I thought I would use that as a motivational tool and give you guys a little bit of music along with whatever free association thoughts pop into my brain.

The Box - Katy Perry

This is a song that I haven't listened to all that much. It was not a radio single but I think it is a pretty good song. It is pretty typical of the self empowerment stuff that she has been singing about on her last couple of albums. I don't think that this type of thing would work for all singers by any means but she seems to make it work for her.

Powderfinger - Neil Young

This is a great song. But really most everything that he does is great. I am a big fan of Neil Young. I think as far as artistic integrity there is no other artists short of the late great Johnny Cash that comes even close.

I am sitting here trying to think of something to share with you and honestly nothing is coming to mind. Perhaps that is part of the problem. I am trying to cultivate inspiration and I have probably addressed this before but I do not feel that it is possible to manufacture such a thing. I really do wish that it was.

I think, no I know that for me that is a large part of the problem when I feel myself stuck. It isn't that growth or enlightenment isn't going to happen. It is that I am working so hard at trying to manufacture it that I slip right past it. It is easy to just sit and mediate but it becomes hard when I am worried about meditating correctly or not. The only thing that you have to be sure to do when attempting to meditate is to breath. That is right it is that simple. Deep breath in through the nose, and hold it, and then out through the mouth. Deep full breaths that allow you to fill your lungs with air and let you feel your body inflate and deflate.

Truckin - Grateful Dead

I feel like a lot of it for me is that in doing the deep breathing it has made me more aware of my body and how it is feeling. Also on a purely physical level. The daily deep breathing has helped to lower my blood pressure and to keep it lower. It has helped me to be less stressed by the litany of crappy things that life that throw at you. The process of meditating and deep breathing helps me to be calm and be in the moment of breathing. I am not worrying about the future or worrying about events in the past that I can''t change or fix.

Falling - Angelo Badalamenti

I am not claiming to have all of the answers. Because I do not. What I am doing is just sharing with those who bother to read this, what has worked for me over the last 4 to 5 years. Things have been pretty rough but at the same time. It has been a time of incredible growth and a time of learning about relationships and life in general. As time has passed and I have moved very naturally into yoga and meditation things have gotten better for me. When I say this I am thinking of things on a purely emotional level. It is an odd feeling in some ways because on the surface things should feel much worse. But they just don't. I feel very good about my mental and emotional state of being and overall my desire to love and care for others and be there as a sounding board for others is still strong and in some ways stronger then it ever was before.

Earth - Hans Zimmer

I have no idea what the future holds for me at all. But what I do know is that what I can control or at least attempt to control is that I will continue to care for others and to put openness out to world and hopefully openness and love will come back to me in return. I realize that this may be too hippy dippy for some of you. But I also know that I am not being honest if I do not put it out there. Also if you see me in a Dashiki don't act all that surprised. They look super comfortable and why wouldn't I wear one.

Oddfellows Local 151 - REM

That is the last of my New Years Day thoughts for you. I hope you enjoyed the glimpse into the twisted mind of Lance. Every day is another step deeper toward my core and deeper toward my truth.

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