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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tuesday NYE Music Mix

I hope the day finds you well and that the evening this evening treats you well.

Rhiannon - Fleetwood Mac

This a classic song and on that I enjoy greatly. I enjoy both versions of this band both the Peter Green era and the Stevie Nicks era but their sounds are totally different. That being said I think that I am a big enough man to be able to enjoy both versions.

So, today is New Years Eve, and anyone who has been following this blog knows that 2013 has been a pretty rough year for me. I am not going to rehash all that now. But trust me when I tell you that it has been pretty shitty at times. That being said. I am still standing and I am still by and large functioning and I have a pretty tight knit group of friends and family around me that allowed for that to happen and for that I am profoundly grateful. My existence in the world is very much all about the community that I have around myself and I feel that the close society that I am involved with is a good one.

Well All Right - Blind Faith

There is a line in this song, 'Well we'll live and love with all our might' and I like to think that this is true of me. At least I aspire for it to be. I want to live and love, fiercely and with strong feelings. I want those that I care about and for, I want them to know how much I do love them. I do not want anyone to feel like they are alone in this world. I am not always sure what form this takes or how I am supposed to implement these feelings but they do exist for me. I want 2014 to be a year of that for me and for my friends. I want it to be a year of big hugs and meaningful eye contact and intense conversation. I want to know my friends and I want them to know me.

Sunrise - The Who

This is a great song. One of my favorites.

The Power of Thy Sword - Manowar

This is a pretty typical Manowar song. It is about swords and fighting and being a barbarian and is 8 minutes long. Embrace it in it's majesty.

I do not make New Years resolutions but if I were I suppose that one of the things that I would resolve to do would be to continue to meditate and to do Yoga and hopefully do more of both. I have had no ill effects from doing either and in fact when I remember to start my day with those things I do just feel better on both a physical and mental level. I do think that is a bad thing at all.

Doghouse Blues - Bill Monroe

A little 1941 blue grass for you by the master Bill Monroe.

I show love by touching and those of you who are reading this I just want you to be prepared because depending on my mood, if you are around me you are going to get a hug or an arm around you. It will happen. It will be a big hug or heavy hand with a squeeze but it will happen and you will know that I am touching you. Because I love you and you are special to me and because human touch is important to living a healthy life.

Winter Winds - Mumford and Sons

 I love this song so much. The whole album is one that I enjoy on a regular basis.

Alone - Trampled by Turtles

A bonus track for you guys because Mumford and Trampled By Turtles go great together.

Have a great day folks. I love you. Be good to each other. Love each other. Tell someone that you care for them today. Dance with a friend.

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