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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wednesday Wildness

Shut Up - Madness

I love SKA so much and I love two tone. Madness was such a great band and I always like it when I get to listen to their stuff. This is one of my favorite songs of theirs and I really can't think of a song that I don't like but this one is just so good. SKA is forever!!

Ol' 55 - Tom Waits

Well this is a real slow down compared to that last song. But, it doesn't matter at all. This is a great song and if one of your complaints about Tom Waits is how his voice sounds then you will like this one because he actually sings in it. A very nice song and like most of his works it will really make you think if you take the time to actually listen to what he is singing about.

I believe that today will be a good day but only if I am able to not put any pants on all day. No pants Wednesday!!

Hymn 43 - Jethro Tull

Can you ever listen to enough Tull? I don't think you can and this one is a great one that does not get nearly enough classic radio play. The guitar and drums and flute and vocals in it are awesome. Oh and the piano.

I am sure that Jesus is rocking out to Tull right now. How could he not be.

Where Do You Hide Your Heart - Amy Grant

This amuses me and I am sure that most of you will not enjoy it like I am. but I find it hilarious that my music player dug up first 'Hymn 43 by Jethro Tull and then somehow pulled up an Amy Grant song. I am not sure what algorithm is making that link but it amuses me greatly. This is a song and singer from my past when I was very active in the high school and college groups and my baby-boomer mainstream Protestant Christian church and for a time Amy Grant was the biggest singer in the world in that part of the world and honestly I have not listened to this song or her in probably close to a decade. But, I kind of like it. It brings back some nice memories.

Clipping - MUTEMATH

This is from a compilation of indie music and wow. I haven't heard it before but I really do like this song. It hits pretty hard and has a really nice tune. I like it a lot.

In The Lap of Gods - Queen

This is a live recording and like most if not all live stuff that Queen did it is so epic and amazing. Do yourself a favor and watch some Queen concert videos on youtube. They are awesome and as you can tell my music player knows that I like them a lot.

Thanks for joining me today on this surprisingly religious themed music day. I hope that you could enjoy the tunes regardless of that. I know that I did. I really feel like today's playlist was a great one.

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