Where Do My Readers Come From?

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tuesday NYE Music Mix

I hope the day finds you well and that the evening this evening treats you well.

Rhiannon - Fleetwood Mac

This a classic song and on that I enjoy greatly. I enjoy both versions of this band both the Peter Green era and the Stevie Nicks era but their sounds are totally different. That being said I think that I am a big enough man to be able to enjoy both versions.

So, today is New Years Eve, and anyone who has been following this blog knows that 2013 has been a pretty rough year for me. I am not going to rehash all that now. But trust me when I tell you that it has been pretty shitty at times. That being said. I am still standing and I am still by and large functioning and I have a pretty tight knit group of friends and family around me that allowed for that to happen and for that I am profoundly grateful. My existence in the world is very much all about the community that I have around myself and I feel that the close society that I am involved with is a good one.

Well All Right - Blind Faith

There is a line in this song, 'Well we'll live and love with all our might' and I like to think that this is true of me. At least I aspire for it to be. I want to live and love, fiercely and with strong feelings. I want those that I care about and for, I want them to know how much I do love them. I do not want anyone to feel like they are alone in this world. I am not always sure what form this takes or how I am supposed to implement these feelings but they do exist for me. I want 2014 to be a year of that for me and for my friends. I want it to be a year of big hugs and meaningful eye contact and intense conversation. I want to know my friends and I want them to know me.

Sunrise - The Who

This is a great song. One of my favorites.

The Power of Thy Sword - Manowar

This is a pretty typical Manowar song. It is about swords and fighting and being a barbarian and is 8 minutes long. Embrace it in it's majesty.

I do not make New Years resolutions but if I were I suppose that one of the things that I would resolve to do would be to continue to meditate and to do Yoga and hopefully do more of both. I have had no ill effects from doing either and in fact when I remember to start my day with those things I do just feel better on both a physical and mental level. I do think that is a bad thing at all.

Doghouse Blues - Bill Monroe

A little 1941 blue grass for you by the master Bill Monroe.

I show love by touching and those of you who are reading this I just want you to be prepared because depending on my mood, if you are around me you are going to get a hug or an arm around you. It will happen. It will be a big hug or heavy hand with a squeeze but it will happen and you will know that I am touching you. Because I love you and you are special to me and because human touch is important to living a healthy life.

Winter Winds - Mumford and Sons

 I love this song so much. The whole album is one that I enjoy on a regular basis.

Alone - Trampled by Turtles

A bonus track for you guys because Mumford and Trampled By Turtles go great together.

Have a great day folks. I love you. Be good to each other. Love each other. Tell someone that you care for them today. Dance with a friend.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Monday Music Mix

Morning folks. Why don't you hop on board the music train with me and we will get this week started.

It's Still Rock n Roll To Me- Billy Joel

This is a nice toe tapper to get things going this morning. I think the song is probably pretty dated but overall I do enjoy it.

Step Into My Office, Baby - Belle and Sebastian

Oh my Glob. I love this song. It reminds me of Mad Men which is a show that I love. But that isn't the only thing. It is a just a great song. So far I am feeling pretty good about the musical mix and how it is starting the day off. Good stuff.

I did my Hindu squats and my deep breathing this morning and it is actually kind of amazing to me how quickly I feel a benefit from doing that. I can feel a fundamental difference in my physical well being. I do not know if it is just me being aware of my breathing and breathing deep and slow and getting all that oxygen into my body while I do my movements but it works. At least for me.

Stranger In Town - TOTO

Classic mid 80's song. Honestly how can you not like Toto? I suppose that you can but I think you might be a musical snob if you do. It is okay to be a musical snob. I used to be one and I still am in some ways. But if you are just own it. Don't deny it. Throw it in the haters face and force them to deal with it. Back to the song. I also find the lyrics pretty interesting and it has a catchy chorus.

Work, work, work. I would love to find a way to have some sort of gainful employment. At this point depending on what happens with week with the feds and unemployment I may need to see if I can find a job flipping burgers or cleaning toilets at the local burger emporium. Lord spare me. We shall see what happens.

There She Goes Again - R. E. M.

This is a cover of a Velvet Underground song and I like what R.E.M. has done with it. When a band does something clever with a cover it is usually something that is very nice to listen too. I think that is the case here. Good stuff.

Lonely Boy - The Black Keys

This is one of my favorite songs of 2011 and one of my favorite bands. Solid rockers and they put out a nice volume and depth of noise for a duo. This song has a nice beat and is easy to dance to.

Hey You - Pink Floyd

This is nice. Slowing it down as we wrap things up for the day. As far as I am concerned, Pink Floyd is always welcome at the musical party.

Keep it real and stay warm out there today folks. Be honest with and love each other.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Friday Music Madness

Little bit of music for you folks today. This way people at the Coffeehouse think that I am working. Suckers.

I Am Africa - Book of Mormon (Musical from the South Park guys)

This is a pretty good song as far as songs from musicals go. I understand the the musical itself is very good.

Down There By The Train - Johnny Cash

I love Johnny Cash and anyone who has paid attention to this blog knows that. I think that this is one of his great songs. So good and so real in terms of his voice and the depth of his feeling. This song is from one of his American Recordings albums. I hope to meet Johnny down there by the train myself one day. Him and a few other people. I also believe that Tom Waits either covered it or perhaps even did it first. I am sure that his version is stellar as well.

Today is one of those grey sky and gloomy days in the valley. I think this is the kind of day that people who hate Oregon weather complain about. It isn't raining it is just kind of gloomy in the air. Most of the time I am totally okay with this kind of weather but I understand why some people just are unable to handle it. That is for sure.

Nice Day For A Sulk - Belle and Sebastian

This is another lovely song. It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone at this point. It seems that all their songs are good ones and easy ones to listen too.

The Power - Manowar

Yes, Yes, Yes. Time to rise up in your cubicle and start your moshing.

Aces High - Iron Maiden

This is one of my favorite Maiden songs. Just a classic and it has all the markings of classic Maiden. The song basically tells the story of being a fighter pilot. All of the classic Maiden songs tell a story of some sort. That is what makes them classic. They do not put out concept albums they put out concept songs and I love them.

Sixteen - No Doubt

This is one of the few songs that wasn't a huge hit off of this album. But I like it. It is a little more rock then Ska but I still find it listenable. I miss No Doubt. They were a fun band.

Hey! You guys have a great weekend and I hopefully will talk to you on Monday.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Boxing Day Music Fest

It is Boxing Day. Let the music hit you like a fist.

Giving Me A Chance - Gotye

Some nice ambient music by Gotye. His breakout hit was 'Somebody, That I Used To Know' and I thought the whole album was pretty solid. I really do like the ambient nature of his music and I think he puts on a really good live show as well.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and was able to spend some time relaxing or really just being able to do what brings you the most joy. I had a good time with my brother being in town and as a family we went to see 'Saving Mr Banks'. It was an enjoyable film.

Blood On The Coal - The Folksmen

I love the film 'A Mighty Wind' and I loved that the guys who had been Spinal Tap were able to become folk singers named 'The Folksmen' and sounded just as good. What a fun, fun film and a great soundtrack as well.

Something About The Way You Look Tonight - Elton John

This is a pretty typical Elton song and that doesn't mean that it is bad. If you like Elton John then you will like this song. It would be nice to hear something new but I don't think that at his age he needs to do anything new. He has paid his dues and should be allowed to play what he wants to play.

40 oz. To Freedom - Sublime

This is a kind of ska song and I enjoy it. I like Sublime but overall I am not a big fan of dub and what Sublime does is not even really a good version of dub. Now Lee Scratch Perry that is good dub. But I do not dislike this band. Though I do think that if Bradly hadn't OD'd they would not be functioning still as a group if what you can call what they do as 'Long Beach Dub All-Stars' functioning.

I am going to see 'Anchorman 2' with my brother this afternoon. I do like that my family often gets me gift cards for the movie theater as Christmas gifts. I always put them to good use and it is one of the few times that I see actual new films.

Unguarded Moments - The Proclaimers.

I like these crazy Irish twins. Good music

Love of an Orchestra - Noah And The Whale

Not much I can say. I just really love this piece. Some people think Noah is a little too hipster. I myself do not care. I like what is going in this song.

That is it for me. I hope you guys have a great day.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Bonus Monday Music Post

I thought that I would give my lucky loyal readers a little musical bonus today. I am down at the Coffeehouse and I figured why not give you guys a little more music to help the day go by a little faster on this the eve of Christmas Eve.

So Far From Your Weapon - The Dead Weather

I really do enjoy this band. I enjoy everything that  Jack White does actually and these guys can just really bring it. Their is music just reminds me of everything that was good in Rock in the late 60's and early 70's. Great stuff.

007 (Shanty Town) - Natural Rhythm

As always a little Ska never fails to bring a smile to my face. Ska is the happiest of music. It is really funny, even if the song is about something sad it is very hard for it to not seem upbeat because of the horns and the beat. I just love it.

I think my taste in music is changing again. I have a large amount of hip-hop on my music player and a large portion of it is taken up by Eminem but he just does not do it for me. His level of anger and violence just has began to bother me. I am not calling for a ban of his music by any means but I really do think that it wears on me and it is not something that I need to listen too anymore. But go for it if that is what you are into.

Angel Dance - Band of Joy

This is Robert Plant's new band and this album is really a solid album. There are some very good songs on it.  It is well worth a listen. It is a great mix of blue grass and blues and Led style blues-metal. A great album.

As each day draws closer to Christmas I realize how much I miss Eric and how much I hurt for the people that he left behind. I have some very good Christmas memories of my time with him and it pains me when I am reminded that those days are over and never shall they return. It just sucks.

Born Bred, Corn Fed - The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band

I like this band a lot. Very fun and fun to listen too.

Carmina Burana - Trans-Siberian Orchestra

This is one of the great heavy metal pieces of classical music. There have been so many bands that have covered it and I feel like I always enjoy every version of it. It is just a powerful piece.

Gadir - Dark Moor

Yes, I love closing out my bonus playlist this way for you guys. Face it, just give in to the power and the majesty of this band. It owns the epicness.

Thanks Folks. Have a great day.

Manic Music Monday

I am up bright and early so lets get the music started, shall we.

Alone - Bee Gees

As I have grown older I have begun to enjoy this band more. I am not sure what says about me. But I know that I  just plain enjoy music and most of the time despite all of the disco baggage that comes with ' Saturday Night Fever' I do enjoy the music that the Bee Gees put out. That and I enjoy the skit on SNL.

Selfless, Cold, and Composed - Ben Folds University Acappella Version

I am not a huge acappella fan but the album that Ben Folds put together has some just really enjoyable and very listenable versions of his songs on it. In this format I really do enjoy them. I know this kind of music is not for everyone and in most cases it isn't for me. But in this case I highly urge you to track this album down. 'Ben Folds - University Acappella'

There is something that I like about sitting in the dark of my room with my headphones on and writing. I just like the silence and the darkness. I like the feeling that I am all alone in the world and the page in front of me is totally free and empty. A wide open face that I can fill up with whatever words I choose to use. It is a feeling of total and complete freedom and one of the few true pleasures in my life. I think for me, that is the only real benefit to getting up very early in the morning because the feeling is not the same if I just stay up all night.

Seymour Stein - Belle and Sebastian

More Belle and Sebastian and I am sorry if you are bored of them. I am not and I have a lot of them on the music player and they really do bring some peace to me when I listen to them. It is music that rewards you if you actually listen to the lyrics as well as feeling the music and that is a good thing. It is well worth engaging.

Winter Winds - Mumford and Sons (Piano Tribute)

I love this version on the piano It is just beautiful and so nice to listen to. I enjoy their music anyway but their music in piano form is very nice to listen to as far as I am concerned. It is made for extended listening and closing your eyes and just letting it flow over you. Again and this time without the lyrics but it is music that rewards you if you engage with it and let it fill you. It is okay to feel and it is okay to have emotions when you are listening to music.

There are times when I complain about how emotional I can get about things. But, honestly I wouldn't have it any other way. It is who I am and I think it really does connect me to things and to people. I feel like really at my core all I want to do is to love others and to care for them. Our humanity is what makes us stronger and our compassion is what separates us from the beasts. I know that humans can for sure be beast like, there is no doubt about that. But really it is all about loving each other for me. It is about caring for each other and remembering that we are all just trying to survive in this world and that we are all human. And it would serve us all to remember that.

Royal Jelly - John C. Reilly

This is John C. Reilly as Dewey Cox from the film 'Walk Hard' doing his best Bob Dylan impression. I really do enjoy this movie and I enjoy the spoof songs on it as well. It is worth a watch.

I Need You - America

Not much to say, just sit back and enjoy this. That is all

Hey folks. Have a great day. I know that this can be a stressful time for some or all of us. But hang in there, love each other, take some deep breathes and care for each other. Be well and be compassionate.

I am pretty sure that this is going to be me on New Years Eve and probably several other times during this week. If anyone needs me, I'll be at the Coffeehouse.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday, Friday, Friday

Today is Friday, I said it three times so that you wouldn't forget. I am feeling pretty groggy today but I am hoping that a visit to the Coffeehouse later will fix me right up. We shall see. That or some music.

Dust Bowl Dance - Mumford and Sons

I like this band. I am not going to apologize for that. I just enjoy them and I really do not anyone should have to apologize for enjoying music. Unless you like Justin  Bieber and then you should totally apologize to me and anyone else that has to listen or read about him.

Some of you might say 'but Lance you aren't being fair to Justin and his hardscrabble Canadian upbringing." I don't care. It may not be rational, but his face, just the sight of it irks me. That is all I will say on the subject. Let us speak no more of it.

Saint Behind The Glass - Nacho Libre Soundtrack - Los Lobos

I really do enjoy this song. I like the movie it is in a lot as well. It just makes me feel good and there are times when I feel like that is what a movie should do. It should just make you feel good.

Drifting Too Far From The Shore - Jerry Garcia and several good bluegrass friends

The music player is kind of all over the place this morning and is not really waking me up that is for sure. This old chestnut is a Stanley Brothers classic.

Roll Away Your Stone - Mumford and Sons

Looks like we doubling up on Mumford today and that is okay with me. Now give me a minute to adjust my vest and twirl my bow tie.

Silas Stingy - The Who

I LOVE THIS SONG!! I do not think that I ever noticed it before. That is my own fault. So good. I listen to The Who all of the time. But somehow I missed this one. So good. This will be going on a CD for easy car listening very soon. Love it.

I Go Back - Kenny Chesney

I post this in the spirit of honesty. I do not remember ever purchasing or downloading this album. I do not tend to like or listen to modern country. So strange. I am not going to call the song horrible but it is really not what I listen to at all. It isn't pop and it isn't country it is that weird hybrid that exists in the world of Taylor Swift and artists? like Kenny Chesney. So odd.

Creek Mary's Blood - Nightwish

Closing it out with some epic Scandinavian metal. I always like me some Nightwish. Their unashamed epicness always makes me happy. So good.

This was not my favorite random playlist at all today. But you can't always hit a home run. I hope that no ones ears are bleeding. You have a good weekend folks.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Nighttime Thoughts

Sometimes at night, the darkness falls and there doesn't seem to be much that I can do about it.

Solitary Man - Johnny Cash W/ Neil Diamond

It isn't like I want to be depressed or sad and actually today was a good day. I had some coffee and saw some good friends at the coffeehouse and had some good conversation. I was able to purchase some Christmas presents for my family. I have a roof over my head I was able to put food in my over stuffed belly. I have clean clothes and people who love me. Yet that doesn't feel like enough right now.

Dressed in Black - Depeche Mode

In some ways I actually hate that I am self aware enough to be aware of how irrational this is. It would be a lot easier on my end, at least I think it would be, if I just could embrace the darkness instead of constantly existing in this overly self aware realm. It really gets tiring to second guess everything and every emotion that you feel.

The Beast In Me - Johnny Cash

It has been a while since I have felt this way. I think maybe I just worry about other people to much. I do a pretty good job with my meditation and my deep breathing. I have been starting the day with some yoga and Hindu Squats and that has been good. It gets me in a good frame of mind. So I really do not know where this cloud of gloom came from.

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot - Johnny Cash

It is easy to keep myself centered and in the present when I am only concerned with myself. I feel like the flaw in the strange half -assed Buddhism that I am perusing is that while I am fine and often feel very good when I am meditating and concentrating on centering myself and living in the moment. It feels like the instant I began to care to for other people and to empathize with them and respect and understand their humanity that I get yanked right out of my calmness.

Bridge Over Troubled Water - Johnny Cash

I don't want to lose that. My compassion and how I relate to people is I believe on of my greatest strengths. I know I like myself better when I am able to be there and be a calm post in peoples lives. I think people like me better as well. I also know for a fact that I feel better about myself because I at least feel like I am giving something back to the world while I am not working on a regular basis. I suppose it is true that long term unemployment can mess with your head.

Personal Jesus - Johnny Cash

I always feel better when I listen to Johnny and write things down. I guess for me it is an exercise in just being able to process what is going on in my head. Maybe that is what this is. It has been a while I have had a mental check in with myself to see how I am doing and since I do not go to a counselor or therapist this is the next best thing.

Thanks folks. I look forward to playing some more music for you guys tomorrow. 

Thirsty Thursday...Tunes

Lets keep the love going shall we...

Everything's Just Wonderful - Lilly Allen

I really do love me some Lilly Allen. This is a good start to the day. Though I do not think that ol Phil from Ducky Dynasty feels the same right now. He is on the hot seat for things that he said in a GQ interview and it will be interesting to see how this all shakes out and how his already ardent fan base reacts.

Enthused - Blink 182

This is actually a good song and back from when they were a good band. They are not anymore. But this is a good album.

I can understand why Phil has made people upset. But I am not surprised that he said it. He is an older man, white southern Christian. He is not going to be pro gay. He won't be. So for people to act surprised by this is just silly. It doesn't excuse what he said but don't act surprised just start actually paying attention.

Sci Fi Kid - Blitzen Trapper

This is an interesting song. A little bit to blip and blop and computer sounds for me but I get what they are doing with it. Kind of cool.

Though this whole kerfuffle might be a good reminder for people that free speech doesn't always mean say what you want without any sort of consequences. It means say what you want and if someone disagrees with you then they may stop purchasing your items or stop attending your events. Or they may speak out against what you said. They are free to do that. Sometimes people disagree with each other on things but the world still spins and we are still moving forward.

Brother - Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeroes

I enjoy this album more and more every time I listen to it. I just enjoy it. This is a good band and worth listening too. The piano in this song is so nice.

Out On The Tiles - Led Zeppelin

Such a great song. This is one of their top 10 songs as far as I am concerned. It just works and everything about it works. One of my favorites.

He just wants all your love. Is that to much to ask? I don't think so. Love makes everything better. Lets all just love each other, shall we. Who wants a hug?

Close To The Heart - Rush

This is a good note to close us down on today. Be good to each other out there today folks. We are all just people trying to find our way in the world and things are hard enough as it is without us being shitty toward each other.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wednesday Wildness

Shut Up - Madness

I love SKA so much and I love two tone. Madness was such a great band and I always like it when I get to listen to their stuff. This is one of my favorite songs of theirs and I really can't think of a song that I don't like but this one is just so good. SKA is forever!!

Ol' 55 - Tom Waits

Well this is a real slow down compared to that last song. But, it doesn't matter at all. This is a great song and if one of your complaints about Tom Waits is how his voice sounds then you will like this one because he actually sings in it. A very nice song and like most of his works it will really make you think if you take the time to actually listen to what he is singing about.

I believe that today will be a good day but only if I am able to not put any pants on all day. No pants Wednesday!!

Hymn 43 - Jethro Tull

Can you ever listen to enough Tull? I don't think you can and this one is a great one that does not get nearly enough classic radio play. The guitar and drums and flute and vocals in it are awesome. Oh and the piano.

I am sure that Jesus is rocking out to Tull right now. How could he not be.

Where Do You Hide Your Heart - Amy Grant

This amuses me and I am sure that most of you will not enjoy it like I am. but I find it hilarious that my music player dug up first 'Hymn 43 by Jethro Tull and then somehow pulled up an Amy Grant song. I am not sure what algorithm is making that link but it amuses me greatly. This is a song and singer from my past when I was very active in the high school and college groups and my baby-boomer mainstream Protestant Christian church and for a time Amy Grant was the biggest singer in the world in that part of the world and honestly I have not listened to this song or her in probably close to a decade. But, I kind of like it. It brings back some nice memories.

Clipping - MUTEMATH

This is from a compilation of indie music and wow. I haven't heard it before but I really do like this song. It hits pretty hard and has a really nice tune. I like it a lot.

In The Lap of Gods - Queen

This is a live recording and like most if not all live stuff that Queen did it is so epic and amazing. Do yourself a favor and watch some Queen concert videos on youtube. They are awesome and as you can tell my music player knows that I like them a lot.

Thanks for joining me today on this surprisingly religious themed music day. I hope that you could enjoy the tunes regardless of that. I know that I did. I really feel like today's playlist was a great one.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tuesday Tunes

I was awakened bright and early this morning by I know not what. But, I was at least able to put that time to good use and get a couple of jobs applied for and so I feel pretty good about getting the day off to a productive start.

Mosquito Song - Queens of he Stone Age

I am a big fan of this band but if this was the first song of theirs that you had ever heard you would be in for a real shock once you heard the rest of their discography. I love this song though. So beautiful. Who knew that they had it in them.

Who Knows Where The Time Goes - Judy Collins

Well, well, well it looks and sounds like the music player wants to start things off on a somber note this morning. This is another great song. But it is really a downer I think. I do not have a problem with that, I like this type of music and I hope you do as well. I think that Judy Collins has a very nice voice.

Somebody To Love - Queen

I can't say much about this song, other then that Queen is awesome and you really should put some headphones on and turn it up to 11. They deserve it. This whole album 'A Day At The Races' is amazing and Freddies voice is awesome on it.

Chasing Pavements - Adele

This is another nice song. I don't think that it compares well to Queen and if I was building a playlist I would not include them near each other. But I would for sure put her on a playlist with Judy Collins depending on what theme I was going for.

Do you guys remember making mix tapes for people? I suppose I am dating myself by even mentioning the idea of a cassette tape. But honestly one of the things that I used to love to do was to make a good tape. It was usually for some girl that I felt emotionally invested in. The last tape that I made was for my ex-wife and I am not sure that she ever even listened to it. But to be fair she had a pretty bad tape player in her car. So no hard feelings. Now I pretty much make playlists on blank CD's so I can listen to them as I cruise in my van. I love the idea of having my own soundtrack as I cruise around.

Dressed In Black - Depeche Mode

This is such a great song and really should have had more radio play. I love Depeche Mode. One of my favorite bands and one of the best bands that I have ever seen live.

Old Man Took - America

Another great song by an underrated band. At least as far as I am concerned. This one has some seriously nice piano. Just very nice to listen to. Good stuff.

That is all for this Tuesday folks. Keep on dancing,

Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday Monday

It is a cold one out there today and a little foggy in parts. I hope the music helps you to shake out away the cobwebs.

16 Shells From a Thirty-Ought Six - Tom Waits

I do not usually start off the day with Tom Waits but this is a good one. A real peppy beat and a nice tune to bee bop too. Snap those fingers baby.

How is the "War on Christmas" going for everybody? I am not sure which side people are fighting on. I find that if I ignore both Fox News and people commenting on Fox News I just feel happier about things this time of year.

Silver and Gold - Trampled by Turtles

This is a great song but I have mentioned before how much I like Trampled by Turtles. Do yourself a favor and give them a listen and if you get a chance go see them in concert. So good.

It isn't that I hate Fox News though I suppose I could be accused of that. I like to be informed but it feels like the way they inform is to loudly yell about the eventual collapse of America. I just don't see that happening regardless of who is the President and you can only yell so often about something that is going to happen and when that thing doesn't happen. Well the yelling just becomes noise.

First of May - Bee Gees

This is a great early Bee Gees song and I think really much better then the disco stuff that they seemed to really become known for in later years. It is a good song.

Settle Down - Kimbra

Kimbra is Australian and broke big in America singing backup on Gotye's "Somebody That I Used To Know". I think her solo stuff is even better. She has a very strong voice and she really performs well live. Just a great, great singer.

The job hunt continues for me as I diligently put in applications for job that I seem to never get any response from. But I suppose a miracle could happen. I wonder if I could start a Kickstarter to just fund my blogging and other writings?

Banks of the Ohio - David Grisman

Just some very nice Bluegrass guitar and this is a lovely song.

For Michael Collins, Jeffrey and Me- Jethro Tull

I can say that I have never heard this particular Tull song on the radio. But I like it.. I will acknowledge that Tull has its problems but I think that there is some good music and some depth to it underneath all of the things that people complain about. I like their style of prog rock.

That is it for this Monday folks. I hope the day goes well. I am out of here!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thundering Thursday

Are you ready to rock?

Hello Goodbye - The Beatles

I have to admit that I am not a big fan of the Beatles. There is denying the impact that they had on music in general and I am well aware of that as well as their individual and group talents. But I just have never really gotten into their music. I don't enjoy it. I don't think that it makes me a bad person. I hope not anyway. This is a pretty song though.

Disenchanted - My Chemical Romance

This is one of those totally emo and theatrical bands that owes the world to Freddie Mercury and Queen but I do not mind that. Their music works for me. It affects me on an emotional level and I am nut sure the reason but when I listen to it I feel like I should be wearing eyeliner and being all angsty but sadly those days are behind me. In my head though there is a part of me that is that 14 yr old adolescent who is feeling the power of this music and using it as a tool to really express myself at school.

Nobody's Home - Avril Lavigne

I like Avril. I really do. There is just something about her music that I enjoy. I like her sense of humor and her pop culture knowledge when you watch her videos. I like that she is unafraid to sing about emotional things and painful things. The style of music that she tends to operate in is not always my favorite style but I do like it now and then and I like what she does within the limits of her musical ability.

Malverde - Red Fang

Hard to go wrong with the pounding metal of Red Fang. They are one of the best music acts to come out of Portland in the last few years if not ever. I really did them. But I know that not everyone is into metal and I am not into some of the newer metal bands that is for sure. But these guys I really like.

Dog On Wheels - Belle and Sebastian

Some more Belle and Sebastian for you. I hope you enjoy the mellowness. This one has some nice horn and guitar work as well.

Circle The Drain - Katy Perry

I really like this song. It wasn't a big hit for her and doesn't sound like her usual stuff so that is why it probably wasn't a big hit. But I think it is a good one and I think it is a about an old boyfriend of hers but I will not say his name. Give it a listen.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wacky Wild Wednesday

It is Wednesday and I am trying to keep the music coming for you guys. One thing that it is important for me to remember is that I do enjoy writing and I need to do it. It really doesn't even matter what reason I use to give me the push to write. I just need to do it. The reality is that the more that I do it, like anything really, the better I get at it. It takes practice to do anything.

Dancing Queen - ABBA

This is a classic number and I believe one of ABBA's biggest hits. It has been sampled numerous times over the years and even been redone in more modern ways but I really can't recall if I have ever heard a bad version of it. It has one of the classic tunes and has actually aged pretty well. A classic number.

Little Rock - Collin Raye

I honestly have no idea where this came from and why it is in my music library. It isn't a horrible song but I have never heard of this man before. He is having some real emotional problems in Little Rock. I do hope things get better for him.

Alice - Tom Waits

Tom Waits takes some getting used to. But I feel that he is worth the effort. There is a real depth to a lot of his music and sure some of the songs are very somber but some are also very upbeat and happy. This one is not one of the happier ones but it is a good one. It is thinking mans music.

Slip Away - Clarence Carter

Great just great, back to back for sad songs. Thanks a  lot music player. This song is on the Almost Famous soundtrack and is justifiably a great song. I think it is a classic soul tune. They don't make them much like this one anymore at all. They should because this is a good one.

Panic In Detroit - David Bowie

This is a song from one of my favorite Bowie albums 'Aladdin Sane'. The album came out in 1973 and just has some amazing tracks on it. But Bowie is a musical genius so it shouldn't be a surprise that to anyone that is a good song. Bowie had some misses over the years but very few of them and taken as a whole most of his music never fails to satisfy.

The Trooper - Iron Maiden

One of my favorite Maiden tunes. This one was written by their bassist Steve Harris and is a great one. MAIDEN ROCK FOREVER!!!

That is all folks. Have a good day and keep on rocking.