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Friday, December 27, 2013

Friday Music Madness

Little bit of music for you folks today. This way people at the Coffeehouse think that I am working. Suckers.

I Am Africa - Book of Mormon (Musical from the South Park guys)

This is a pretty good song as far as songs from musicals go. I understand the the musical itself is very good.

Down There By The Train - Johnny Cash

I love Johnny Cash and anyone who has paid attention to this blog knows that. I think that this is one of his great songs. So good and so real in terms of his voice and the depth of his feeling. This song is from one of his American Recordings albums. I hope to meet Johnny down there by the train myself one day. Him and a few other people. I also believe that Tom Waits either covered it or perhaps even did it first. I am sure that his version is stellar as well.

Today is one of those grey sky and gloomy days in the valley. I think this is the kind of day that people who hate Oregon weather complain about. It isn't raining it is just kind of gloomy in the air. Most of the time I am totally okay with this kind of weather but I understand why some people just are unable to handle it. That is for sure.

Nice Day For A Sulk - Belle and Sebastian

This is another lovely song. It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone at this point. It seems that all their songs are good ones and easy ones to listen too.

The Power - Manowar

Yes, Yes, Yes. Time to rise up in your cubicle and start your moshing.

Aces High - Iron Maiden

This is one of my favorite Maiden songs. Just a classic and it has all the markings of classic Maiden. The song basically tells the story of being a fighter pilot. All of the classic Maiden songs tell a story of some sort. That is what makes them classic. They do not put out concept albums they put out concept songs and I love them.

Sixteen - No Doubt

This is one of the few songs that wasn't a huge hit off of this album. But I like it. It is a little more rock then Ska but I still find it listenable. I miss No Doubt. They were a fun band.

Hey! You guys have a great weekend and I hopefully will talk to you on Monday.

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