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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tuesday Tunes Day

California Dreaming - America

This is kind of a nice song anyway and I like the way that America covers it. It makes for some pleasant listening that is for sure. Some might call it easy listening.

I am hoping to continue the momentum from yesterday and keep on bringing you folks the fun good times music and who knows, perhaps once in a while in between songs I might come up with something good or at least slightly interesting to say. You never know!

Little Lion Man - Mumford and Sons

It is kind of amazing to me how much anger this band can generate. I enjoy their sound and yes they did get overplayed on radio and television but that is not the bands fault. I have never understood that. It just blows my mind how fast a groups popularity can turn on itself but I suppose that is the nature of passion and one of the failings of us as human beings. That being said. I still enjoy them and enjoy listening to their music and I hope that they return with a third album but I do not think it is going to be happening.

Believe - Elton John

I can always listen to some Elton John. I think that sometimes his public persona got more notice then his musical ability did but I really enjoy listening to his music. I suppose that it is pretty much old persons music at this point but I am okay with that. If it is listenable and interesting lyrically and musically I do not care from what time period or whence it came. I just want to listen to it. Music soothes the soul and more of us could stand to remember that.

Genocide Matinee - Fionn Regan

This is an artist that I, admittedly, know very little about. I own the music because of my love of the British series 'This is England'. A series that I would highly recommend to anyone who loves good cinema or television or who has an interest in both Thatcher era and post Thatcher era England; it is well worth watching. The first one is a movie and was followed by two more BBC television series that each took place two more years after the first film. They are worth watching. I am sure that this is something that I will be saying and have said over and over.

This is England - Bonus trailer for the film. I hope you enjoy it.

Something About You - Five For Fighting

I think that this is the only band named after a hockey term. They are kind of nice to listen to now and then when I am in a pretty mellow mood. I suppose one could say that they tend to be romantic in the songs that they write and perform. I feel like their is a time and place for that depending on the mood one is in.

Nellie Takes Her Bow - Electric Light Orchestra

This is a great band and  while it may be a tad to disco for some I do not think that is the case. Jeff Lynn is a genius and put out some amazing music over the years. If you have not listened to them much then you should do yourself a favor and track them down. ELO is well worth the listen.

Well that is going to do it for today folks. I hope your Tuesday treats you well and that I can talk to you again tomorrow. Now if you will excuse me I have to young minds to corrupt.

"Who wants to take communion with, Father Soulman?"

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