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Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday, Friday, Friday

Today is Friday, I said it three times so that you wouldn't forget. I am feeling pretty groggy today but I am hoping that a visit to the Coffeehouse later will fix me right up. We shall see. That or some music.

Dust Bowl Dance - Mumford and Sons

I like this band. I am not going to apologize for that. I just enjoy them and I really do not anyone should have to apologize for enjoying music. Unless you like Justin  Bieber and then you should totally apologize to me and anyone else that has to listen or read about him.

Some of you might say 'but Lance you aren't being fair to Justin and his hardscrabble Canadian upbringing." I don't care. It may not be rational, but his face, just the sight of it irks me. That is all I will say on the subject. Let us speak no more of it.

Saint Behind The Glass - Nacho Libre Soundtrack - Los Lobos

I really do enjoy this song. I like the movie it is in a lot as well. It just makes me feel good and there are times when I feel like that is what a movie should do. It should just make you feel good.

Drifting Too Far From The Shore - Jerry Garcia and several good bluegrass friends

The music player is kind of all over the place this morning and is not really waking me up that is for sure. This old chestnut is a Stanley Brothers classic.

Roll Away Your Stone - Mumford and Sons

Looks like we doubling up on Mumford today and that is okay with me. Now give me a minute to adjust my vest and twirl my bow tie.

Silas Stingy - The Who

I LOVE THIS SONG!! I do not think that I ever noticed it before. That is my own fault. So good. I listen to The Who all of the time. But somehow I missed this one. So good. This will be going on a CD for easy car listening very soon. Love it.

I Go Back - Kenny Chesney

I post this in the spirit of honesty. I do not remember ever purchasing or downloading this album. I do not tend to like or listen to modern country. So strange. I am not going to call the song horrible but it is really not what I listen to at all. It isn't pop and it isn't country it is that weird hybrid that exists in the world of Taylor Swift and artists? like Kenny Chesney. So odd.

Creek Mary's Blood - Nightwish

Closing it out with some epic Scandinavian metal. I always like me some Nightwish. Their unashamed epicness always makes me happy. So good.

This was not my favorite random playlist at all today. But you can't always hit a home run. I hope that no ones ears are bleeding. You have a good weekend folks.

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