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Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Training" Day

I sit on/in the train facing south as I wait for us to move. I like the train. I like the peace of mind it brings me as I roll along. I am able to relax. I do not need to think about traffic or worry about what is going on around me. The conductor walks past. He seems like a nice fellow and I have chatted with him a few times. The usual lady sits diagonally across from me. She always has a notepad that she writes in as we travel. Perhaps she is blogging in an old fashioned manner.

There is a smattering of small talk around me. It is all the usual "Hot today, cold today". In some ways this is almost comforting to me. It is a sign that the world rolls on. That despite my frustration with politics or world events. That in my world things continue to move forward. The train keeps rolling and people keep being people.

A man in jeans shorts and sandals enters the train. He looks to be a computer guy of some sort. I have no idea really but that is my thought. He has the ubiquitous coffee travel mug as nearly 75% of all travelers do. Myself included to be honest though mine is left in the car today.

I will make coffee when I get to the office. Then my day will begin. It seems though that while I enjoy work what I enjoy most is the train. I will ride home in the afternoon with a new set of faces to look at and wonder about. I look forward to it.
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