Where Do My Readers Come From?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


It is nice here inside the train car. The air conditioning is working and the sky is blue outside. I know people say that nature is meant to be enjoyed out of doors but as far as I am concerned I would rather be in a air conditioned car or house looking out at it when it is this hot. On this trip I usually see some deer out and a few other animals. There is a surprising amount of empty land between Wilsonville and Tualatin. But when the heat is like this it seems like the deer are even hiding.

I love the countryside in Oregon especially in this part of Oregon. I love that the trees are green and there seems to be always running water some place. On the train trip I pass by a couple of water features and when I get to final Beaverton stop there is another water area that always has dicks swimming in it. I usually stop on the bridge and look at them.

So far I am the only one on the train. I like it, the quite is nice and relaxing. I am sure that the usual crew will begin to show up and the murmur of conversation will begin. The hum of conversation along with the rhythmic noises of the train is almost soothing as we roll along. Sure there some annoyances here and there but most of the time I really enjoy it.
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