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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Terrible Tuesday

Today seems to be a pretty shitty day for me. It isn't the weather it is just the way things are and I hope that after I write this blog post and share with you some angry rap music that I will have cleansed my system of some of this. Also it is probably a good idea for you to not listen to this music at work because it is NOT SAFE FOR WORK. You were warned.

D-12: Under The Influence

So there you go. A good friend just said to me that grumpy days are essential and I believe that is true. I I get stagnant in my emotions that is not a good thing and while I do not want to be unhappy or gloomy or sad all of the time. Those feelings are a reality and they exist and they have existed more in the last five months of my life then they ever have before. I know I have said this before but it bears repeating that if I were to pretend that I did not feel this way then I would be lying to myself and to you and I do not intend to do that.

Eminem - Marshal Mathers

What triggered this you may ask. Well it is probably any number of things but in this case it is because that I reached into my back pocket to see what the papers were that I was feeling back there and they were two one sheet papers from Erics memorial service. BAM...just like that the darkness descended. It is that simple. Oh sure the darkness is always there in the background. It lucks and sometimes I am able to convice myself that it isn't lurking and that I have somehow been able to forget. But that isn't true at all. I think it just waits until I have let my guard down and then when there is the slightest opening it strikes.

(Sidenote) It seems that most if not all of the rap that I have is Eminem and that is interesting to me. So let us switch it up to a new genre of music.

Damn it. I am not sure if the problem is the internet at the coffeeshop or me but I am now unable to even find videos to post through my blogger. So that is done. Thanks for nothing. But I think rather then blame myself I am going to blame Obama for my problems. It seems to work for the Republicans.

That is it folks.

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