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Friday, October 18, 2013

Fantastic Friday

It is another amazing Oct day in Oregon. It is honestly hard to describe how lovely it is outside. It is Oct 18th and people are sitting outside at the Coffeehouse an the doors are wide open. I am wearing shorts and short sleeves. I firmly believe that Oregon is truly Gods country. I am American born and a native Cascadian by the grace of God and a Timbers fan by choice!

Join me in fighting for the freedom of Cascadia!! Let us shake off the yoke of the Federal Government!

Katrina & The Waves - Walking on Sunshine

Today just feels like a good day to me. That may be because I am seriously hopped up on my amphetamine of choice, Caffeine, but I am not complaining. I feel good today and lately these days have been few and far between. So, thankful for small favors. I am always grateful for a momentary respite from the doom and gloom that my psyche has been residing in lately. I am also incredibly thankful that I have a place to go where I can drink coffee and see people who always seem glad to see me. Even if they are faking it, they do such a good job of it that I always am glad to be there and that feeling really does make a difference in my life.

You all get a hug!!

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