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Monday, November 15, 2010

Pizza Thoughts

I went to have pizza last night at my friends house. It is always a fun time and there is usually some form of pleasant discussion. The basic model is kind of cool the host makes the pizza dough and supplies the sauce and cheese and people bring whatever kind of toppings they want and they just start cranking out the pizzas. I throughly enjoy it most of the time.

Some of the conversations last night ranged from the Meyers-Briggs test on personality to politics both local and global and what motivated people to run for office and the different tools used by companies to sell things. It was a good evening and I usually enjoy pretty much anything that has an interesting conversation and an intelligent one. Well, last nights had both so that is always a good thing. I do not really have any profound nuggets of wisdom to share but it was a good evening non the less.

That being said. I just want to encourage my readers to get together now and then with friends in person and have actual conversations. I mean keep them civil but actually discuss things that have some depth. It is better for everyone to have to do a little bit of thinking about why they think like they think. I do not mean condemn them for being wrong or calling them stupid if you disagree I just mean have a conversation about it. Who knows you may even find that you agree on more then you think you do. I know I am often pleasantly surprised that I agree with someone when on the surface it looks like I would not.

Give that a thought at Thanksgiving this year when your crazy uncle starts going on and on about his latest Big Government theory. Take a moment, take a breath and actually have a conversation with them. You might be amazed at the result.
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