Where Do My Readers Come From?

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Blank Slate

I am writing to you from a place of mental frustration this morning. As I was going to sleep last night, an idea popped into my head. An idea for a story and basic beginning too a story that I thought I would be able to tell without to many problems. I was laying there listening to the story percolate inside my head and I thought I should probably get some of this down in case I forget. But I also felt like I actually needed to sleep and I would be better off if I did that and then picked up the story later. Well as I awoke to a lovely Oregon winter morning I realized that something had escaped me and that was my story. "poof" Just pulled a Keyser Soze and was gone.

But, wait as I began writing this to let you know that all my ideas had vanished, the ideas began  to surface. I could could see them, the words, just swirling below the surface of my mind floating to the top and then sinking. Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah! All is not lost. The world will not be deprived of my wisdom. My intellect will be used to impress others and to make the world a better place for me to live in. What's that you say? "But, Lance, what about other people? Shouldn't you be making the world a better place for them to live in as well?" pssshaw I say. That isn't up to me. I write for myself and to amaze others but making the world a better place? That seems to be a bit beyond my meager abilities as much as I wish I had that kind of power.

Sometimes I do think it would be pretty neat to write that earth shattering piece that shakes the very foundation of all that we believe. But, on the other hand, that sure seems like a lot of work. What about writing something that a few people enjoy and get some value out of and maybe one or two find it a little inspirational as well. That just seems more satisfying to me and if I can make just enough to live on while I am doing that. Then more joy for me. So stay tuned folks. Who knows what might happen.

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