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Monday, August 05, 2013

Folk Metal Monday

There are many, many words used to describe some of the music that I listen to and enjoy and sometimes those words are not very nice.It turns out that people can be pretty mean when it comes to their taste in music. But that is okay with me. It doesn't bother me because I am confident that my taste in music is far, far better then anyone else in the entire world. I AM TRULY THE BEST AND SMARTEST MUSICAL LISTENER EVER IN THE HISTORY OF ALL MUSICAL LISTENERS IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND EVER. I REIGN SUPREME! 

That being said, today I bring you a band that I have really been enjoying lately. They are from Argentina and they specialize in Folk-Metal and are called Skiltron

I ask you, is it really possible to look any more epic and full of the power of metal then these gentleman? I do not think it is. So put on your headphones and start rocking!!

Gathering The Clans

Coming From The West

Bagpipes of War

Awaiting Your Confession

There you go folks. I hope you enjoyed rocking out with me today.

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