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Saturday, June 24, 2006

America! What is it good for?

This is a defination of Government-- "A social institution whose purpose is to resolve conflict and provide us with Life, Liberty and Happiness." I ask you is that what our Government is doing? I don't think it is. The bottom line is if you are not rich then tough luck. What is the point of living in a society, and that is what I assume we are calling America these days, when the average person can't get health care, can't afford to put gas in the car and can't even feed the family in some cases. My American Government teacher says to not give up. He, in point of fact, told me in front of the entire class not to give up. That if I dont continue to bang my head against the wall there will be no change. He says I need to support and believe in the SYSTEM! But the SYSTEM isnt my system! I have not voted for a winner in the last 4 elections. It seems that the system is geared to the rich and to the lining of ones pockets and for the looking out for number one!!!! Why not look out for each other? Why not make basic health care a right? How about everyone being able to afford to go to college? (I know those are crazy ideas Lance and how could we possibly implement them.) I would be better off I guess just keeping my head buried in the sand and not worrying about it. DONT GIVE UP!!!!! Easy for him to say and I hope it is something I can do. I want there to be change and I hope to help us move in that direction. Look out world!!!! Big Lance is off the wagon and back on the warpath again!!!!
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