Where Do My Readers Come From?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Witty or Just Plain Mean?

I am a big fan of the sarcasm. I like to use my tone to convey my dissatisfaction with the world around me. I often curl my lip and look down at the common people and ask myself "why is it that people would...?" You can fill in the blank there. It could be a certain popular movie or song, perhaps a book or magazine or an actor or actress that I do not care for.

But, I wonder as I get older if all of that sarcasm is wearing me down and stopping me from just enjoying life. I just read a line from a magazine

"One of the freedoms you can find away from the nation's coasts is freedom from the curse of trying to be cool."

I really like how that sounds. I think as I try to stay abreast of current events both politically and pop culturally I find myself reading some things that are pretty snarky and not informative. It seems like if I am reading something that has a liberal side to it there is more time spent making fun of the latest "dumb" thing that Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin has said and I am as guilty of that as most people. But I wonder if it really should be more about the issues at hand when it comes to politics and not about what some cult of personality person said.

I realize I am just rambling here but I sometimes use this blog to process my ramblings so there you a special treat today a look into the head of Lance. I hope it wasn't to scary.
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