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Thursday, December 01, 2011

More Music (Five Iron Frenzy)

On and on the wheel turns and it only stops turning when the light of life stops shining in our eyes. I think I just made that last sentence up. But most likely I stole that from several fantasy books. It is hard to say. So anyway on too the next band in my collection. There was a time in the Christian world when Ska was king at least for the alternative Christian kids if there is such a thing. This was arguably the biggest of that particular Ska movement. Five Iron Frenzy and this is a greatest hits collection (I think) Upbeats & Downbeats. It is interesting for me to note that despite not listening to this band in years I still enjoy the ska of it and the horn work. But then again we all know how much Big Lance loves to Skank. I won't get into an argument here about what is better 1st, 2nd or 3rd wave ska but this band was basically 3rd wave. I myself like all types of Ska.

"Cool Enough For You"

"Beautiful America"

"Old West"

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