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Friday, December 23, 2011

More Music (Iron Maiden)

Today is Friday and it is the eve of Christmas Eve and, according to my Google music player which seems to think that alphabetical means by the first name of the artist or group, I am supposed to play for you some Iron Maiden. I have 18 of this bands albums. I like them and I have been lucky enough to see them in concert a small handful of times. So lets get to it shall we. ON WITH THE METAL!!!

"Aces High"

"Run To The Hills"

Those are two of my absolute favorites from the early 80's. What about Iron Maiden in the 90's?

"Run Silent Run Deep"

"Fear of the Dark" (This one was amazing live)

Okay onto the 2000's and the band is still going strong.

"Out of the Silent Planet" (C.S. Lewis)

"The Pilgrim"

Finally on into 2010 and beyond!!!!

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