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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More Music (Goldfinger)

Well that was the end of the F's and now we are on to the G's and to start that off we have a band that I really enjoy. They are kind of part of the third wave Ska movement but I think of them as just more pop-punk then anything. I do enjoy them though. They are from Los Angles and they started in 1994. I have their 3rd album called Stomping Ground and so that is where my musical selections will be coming from. Though you get a bonus track or two. We shall see if I feel so inspired.

"Pick A Fight"

"Counting The Days"

"BRO" (This one has swears and may not be safe for work)

"99 Red Ballooons"

"Superman" All of my fellow Tony Hawk fans will remember this one.

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