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Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Morning Post Olympic Blues

Hey everybody, it is Monday and normally I do not ever have a 'case of the Mondays' but I am feeling a little groggy today so please bare with me.

I watched a couple of things this weekend. The first thing was the end of the Olympics in London. I normally do not watch much of the festival and ceremony stuff but I wanted to check out the closing ceremonies because the music portion of the even sounded like it could be pretty cool. I think overall it was a resounding success. If I had any complaints it would be more about how NBC handled the actual showing of the broadcast then the actual show itself. As usual, despite it being tape delayed, NBC dropped the ball. They really have become a horrible network.

The reason that I am harping on NBC is because along with the Olympics I watched a new sitcom offering of theirs called 'Animal Practice'. Now, do not get me wrong. I don't hate the show with the hate of a 1,000 burning sons. I also made a point to myself to watch it with an open mind. But honestly, in the 20 minutes that the show lasted. It was shown commercial free which was a nice move by NBC I thought. But, I laughed one time. ONCE. That is a horrible ratio. It is possible that since the show was laugh track free that I was confused and didn't notice the cues. But I doubt it. The jokes really fell flat for me and even the actors, three of whom I really like, did not work for me. The show is just plain and fine and is professionally done but it is so, boring and bland. There is literally nothing special about it at all and I guess if that is what NBC is looking for then mission accomplished. Well done.

I think I am going to enjoy following the reviews of the new shows on NBC this season because like the twitter hash tag says, this is going to be a year of epic #NBCFAIL
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