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Friday, August 10, 2012

Scandinavian Festival

As most of you know, I live in the great and the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I think most of you know because the majority of my readers live here as well. I love it here and I honestly can't think of places that I would rather live. Though to honest I would, at some point in my life, like to live in Great Britain somewhere or in Sweden or Norway for a little while just to experience it.

So along those lines I went down to Junction City Oregon yesterday for the first day of the 52nd Annual Scandinavian Festival. The link really will give you far more information then I can about the event. But what I really wanted to tell you about was the pleasant nature of the small town atmosphere. I really did enjoy myself. Now it isn't like anything groundbreaking happened and I learned that I descend directly from the mighty Viking Eric the Red. But it was just a nice and pleasant day. The food was excellent and on a high note there was none of the oompa music that is so prevalent at Mt Angel and the Oktoberfest. I think that is basically because everything that Scandinavian's do is far better done and far more interesting then anything that a dirty German could accomplish.

I do have to address one particular food highlight for me and that is the Aebelskiver.

They are basically round balls of dough fried up in a specially made cast iron pan and people put jam on them. I am sure that there is some sort of official definition of them. But, all I know is that they are amazingly good and I wanted to eat a mound of them piled high on a plate with melted butter and powdered sugar dusted all over them.

To close out my blog post pandering to Scandinavians I will leave you with a few music videos showcasing some different types of music from that part of the world.

That was a more traditional number....

I like curling and metal but this one left me kind of speechless

Lastly the Icelandic band 'Of Monsters & Men" who I totally love. 
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