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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A trip into the past

I went to see the latest Bond film and let me tell you. It did not feel like the latest Bond film. Oh sure, it was well made and had some fancy cars and some neat computer effects. But nothing that hasn't been done in any of the other action adventure films that are out there right now. The problem for me, is that this was not the new Bond. This was not the terse, take no prisoners, ice in the veins Bond of Casino Royale. It wasn't the revenge focused bad ass from Quantum of Solace. It was a trip back into the past to a lamer more crappy James Bond.

This movie felt like a Roger Moore film and that era of Bond films is not one that I particularly want to experience again. I did not enjoy this film. I paid $5 to see it and I DID NOT ENJOY THIS FILM. The film had three people credited as screen writers and I DID NOT ENJOY THIS FILM. The dialogue was stilted and stiff and because of the nature of that dialogue something that was supposed to be emotional ended up not having any kind of significant impact at all. This is a Bond film for the lowest common denominator of fan. The mouth breathers and the bros which there were plenty of in attendance at the film tonight.

I think this was easily one of the worst films in the Bond library and that just makes me sad. They could of done some really great stuff with the franchise and they blew it. It doesn't mean that I am going to walk away and not watch the two other films that are scheduled but my expectations are going to be much lower and I will not be paying full price to see them that is for sure.

This film gets a D from me at best and I did not enjoy it. Which for me is the bottom line.  
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