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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tuesday Morning...

It is Tuesday morning and I managed to get to the coffee shop early enough to get my usual table. I am happy about that. I like the ability to sit near a window and enjoy my bacon scone and my Americano. That is really the most important reason for me to be their. The second reason is that from that position I am able to usually see almost everyone that I know who may come into the coffee shop for their daily dose of one of the few socially acceptable and legal addictive substances in the world.

I wonder what the world would be like if coffee didn't exist or even caffeine in general. I don't think the change would be as dramatic as it would be if say sugar never existed. Because I think that there has always been some sort of intrinsic value to sugar but I am not sure that caffeine has always had a value. I could probably use the google or ask jeeves or some other search engine to find the answer. But honestly I find baseless speculation far more fun. When I do that then I have the chance to really upset someone and isn't that what the internet is for? It certainly seems that way.

I have talked about Twitter before I think, or perhaps I just made a comment on the Facebook about the nature of it. But while I find it fascinating and a useful informational tool I am also amazed on a pretty regular basis by the amount of people who do not seem to realized that the ability to throw up your very first emotional response to any particular issue that happening at any moment to a world wide audience is not a good thing. Not at all. I hope that someone after the first 10 year of Twitter compiles all of the "Tweets" that have cost people their jobs or caused a huge public relations mess one way or other. It won't be me, I am far to lazy for that. But maybe I inspired one of you with my latest "million dollar idea". If I did please cut me in on some of the proceeds.

Helloween - Nabataea

Oh ya!! The coffee is flowing through my veins and now the Helloween is pounding through the ear buds. You have got to love it. I know that I do.

While I like my new haircut...their are times when I miss the Lebowskiness of my long hair. 
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