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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Something Unheard Before....

I listen to lots of music and I read about lots of music but I by know means have listened to all of the music that ever was and will ever be. But, despite my awareness of that I still tend to get a little cynical at times about the state of modern music or even older music. It doesn't seem to matter to me as far as when it was created I can get pretty cynical about the commercialism of music in general. So it is nice for me when I am surprised by finally actually listening to an older band that I have heard of before but have never actually listened too and for me, today that band is Captain Beefheart I am not sure why I have never bothered to listen before. But I did today thanks to my good musical professor Steve and let me tell you, I am really enjoying it. It is just so pleasant to listen to. Why don't you go ahead and refill that coffee cup and take a moment and give them a listen. I will wait.

Sugar Bowl - Captain Beefheart

The album I am listening to is called "Unconditionally Guaranteed" and came out in 1974 and it is hard for me to pin down but I am really just enjoying both the musicality of the instruments as well as the, in some cases, wackiness of the lyrics.

Happy Love Song - Captain Beefheart

This song really makes me think of the some of the Billy Joel stuff from the late '80s. I am almost positive that he was inspired by this song.

I Got Love On My Mind - Captain Beefheart

There is just something simple about this song that makes it work for me. He has love on his mind and he can't make up his mind who to love. I like the phrasing of that.

Peaches - Captain Beefheart

I just like the big band sound of this one and the use of cowbell because there can never be enough cowbell. I really do like this band even if I think that their name is some sort of fart joke. I am not sure but when you say it out loud it sounds suspiciously like it may be just that.

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