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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Misty Morning Hop

As I left Salem this morning the sun was beginning to shine and there was a low lying fog that was ribboning through the trees. It was a really lovely morning. One that I like to think of as Lord of the Rings weather. That was a nice start to the day but as I moved further and further up I-5 the ribbons of fog became an overall grey. But I can see the blue sky trying to peek through and shine on us,

I am sitting in the train car listening to the couple that is sitting across from me talking about different things. But, what is drawing my attention to them is that they have a small Jack Russell terrier with them in a red Christmas sweater. I am not sure what to make of it. The dog is not barking but he is not a work dog for sure. I do not even know what train policy is on animals. On the MAX dogs must be carried in a carrier. But it appears that the WES has a different policy. It isn't that I dislike dogs but I feel that dogs should be like children, kept on a leash. Though I have to admit that this dog is better behaved then most of the children I have ridden with on the train.

This looks to be an interesting week at work as we are moving into the final stretch on this particular petition drive. While there is no way to predict the future I am pretty confident that we have enough signatures to get this measure to the ballot. It is going to be interesting for me to watch what goes on concerning this tax issue as we move toward the time for voting. I think that the propaganda thrown around by both sides is going to be very interesting. I can hardly wait I hope that this takes some of the thunder away from the health care debate at least in Oregon.
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