Where Do My Readers Come From?

Friday, May 28, 2010

5-28-2010 (Friday)

Happy Friday everybody. I hope those of you that are able to get away for the weekend have a good one.

I do not really have anything today. I am sorry about that. I have not lately been inspired by anything. That isn't to say I am in a funk or anything but I just have not really felt the need to complain about something or been so excited about something that I felt like I had to tell you about it. I sometimes wonder exactly what the purpose of this blog is for me. Am I using it as a form of therapy to get out my crap? I do not think I am because I am very careful about what I write and I do censor myself. I know it may seem like I just vomit out things but that is not true at all. Do I write because I feel like I am smarter then everybody and I need to educate you all to my wisdom? While I will freely acknowledge that there is a small truth in that. I do think pretty highly of myself. But I think anyone who writes for free must think like that otherwise why would I bother.

I think I mainly write because I enjoy it and this allows me to write in short bursts when I can find the time. I do wish that I could stick to a type a little more. I realize I veer all over the place from pieces on news to entertainment to my personal life to me just rambling on and on about things that most of you readers could really care less about. Which I am doing write now as a matter of fact. I am not planning on stopping writing I am just trying to process what my reasons are for writing. It was easier by far when I was in college because there were topics just handed to me to write about on a daily basis. Maybe, I need to go to graduate school? That might be kind of cool. I could go to law school and be the next Perry Mason or perhaps just get my PHD and start teaching by the time I am 50 and be that crazy wild haired professor who shakes things up.

Well that is about it. I hope my ramblings were a little bit entertaining for you today. I will talk to you on Monday.
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