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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

5-4-2010 (Tuesday)

So yesterday I was talking about old television and some of the shows that I grew up with as a child. My friend Joel jumped in and mentioned 'Romper Room' as well as the "Electric Company" both classic shows for their time. I am not intending to go back that far. I do kind of remember those shows but not all that well. Joel then mentioned "Flintsones" and "Gilligans Isle". I do remember those shows and what stands out for me was my real dislike of the "Flintstones". I am not sure why. I mean my brother really liked it and it was part of the daily television routine after school. But I never could get into it. The shows always seemed the same. It was just Fred doing a lot of yelling and then some kind of shenanigans going on. It just never resonated with me.

But Gilligan on the other hand or should I say the ladies on Gilligan most definitely did. There was one lady in particular and her looks were all a young man needed to make him think that the future was going to be a fine place. She had class and style and she knew how the world worked. Her mere presence on the island made it a classier place. You see she came from old money and she kept it real. Mrs Howell was the top lady on the island oh sure you can have your Ginger or your Mary Ann but that old GB will always have my heart.

Travis mentioned that he had been a game show junkie and I can relate to some degree but for me game shows tended to be only in the summertime. I would get up and watch The Price is Right which was followed by I believe Threes Company or it could have been the other way around and then Love Boat was in there somewhere which really was all just a build up to the mighty Perry Mason. Then there was the afternoon movie and followed by the sitcoms which off the top of my head were the Flintstones and then Gilligan and then Brady Bunch I am not sure what was next but at some point Wonder Woman was there along with Starsky and Hutch.

But I need to stop today's trips down memory lane and show you this amazing video I found of some hot new young Parkour talent. Check it out. I think these kids could go along ways

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