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Monday, May 03, 2010

5-3-2010 (Monday)

Good morning everybody! It is Monday May third and the first Monday in May. I hope people had a nice weekend.

Now, I remember saying that we would be looking at some classic television shows this week and I was wondering before I jumped into my list if any of my readers had any shows that they absolutely loved. I liked a lot of different shows when I was a child and not all of them have stood up to the test of time for sure. There are several that I regret going back and watching again because they just are so bad now. I think that mainly that seems to be the case for the sit-coms that I liked. I feel that most of the dramas to tend to stand up pretty well regardless of the costumes and things like that. I mean sure some of the shows do suffer when you look at outfits and hairstyles but overall if the show was good and had good characters and stories then it didn't matter how the actors looked or what types of cars they were driving.

Another aspect of the shows that I did not notice as a child but I do now is what shows may or may not have been sponsored by different companies. So I will try to keep focused on the old shows that I liked and do a little digging into them. Please feel free to comment and to mention shows you enjoyed I would love to do a little discussing of them. As usual I also well allow for some space for me to roam without any kind of direction or path where ever the daily news takes me.

So let me know what you liked folks and I will talk to you tomorrow.
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