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Friday, April 30, 2010

4-30-2010 (Friday)

Friday! Friday! Friday! It is Friday the 30th of April and the week and the month are coming to an end. I felt like it was a pretty good one here at One for the Ages. I covered topics all over the spectrum and there was a real lack of coherency to everything. But, that is the way my brain works and I want to thank the readers I have who stick around for the chaos. I think we learned some good stuff this month. The most important thing being that I have now laid the ground work for "The New Theocracy" and those of you who have read about are always going to be damaged by that. So you have that going for you.......which is nice.

I went to the Timbers game last night against the team from Vancouver who are also going into the MLS next season. It was a good exciting match and the Timbers managed to squeak out a 2-1 victory with a nice goal in the 86th minute by Ryan Pore. Mr Pore is leading the Timbers in scoring this season and has a goal in every match so far and two in last nights. The Timbers are 3-0-1 which is a great start to the season. I hope they continue along this path and can finish this last year before MLS with a league title. I think that would be a great way to go out.

So I went to see the film "Kick Ass" which I really liked. But I realize that this kind of film is not everybody's cup of tea. The gore and violence level is pretty high as well as the language. But I felt that it was just a really fun kind of popcorn movie that is just there to entertain. I admit that I am kind of a snob when it comes to movies and I like films that make a point or have some sort of deeper meaning then just what is on the screen. But I also just enjoy something silly now and then. So if you can handle a bit of the old ultra violence I want to recommend it here. I also really liked the music.

The song is a version of the theme song of a kids show called "The Banana Splits". This show was created when I was an infant but at some point it got put into syndication and for me the damage was done. This theme song has been in my head since I was little and it has never fully gone away. It just exists there as part of my memories and pops up every now then to say "Hey Lance! Do you remember all of those cool television shows you used to watch on Saturday mornings and after school? We were your only friends please do not forget us." Well never fear old television shows. You will always have a place in my heart.

Hmmm that strikes me as interesting. So please prepare yourselves folks because next week I think we will be taking a little trip down the old television highway and discussing some of those classic shows. Well, classic shows as I remember them anyway. You guys have a good weekend.
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