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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

4-14-2010 (Wednesday)

I just realized that I posted yesterday as a Wednesday and I think actually Wednesday is today and yesterday was Tuesday I hope I didn't mess up anyone's day. :)

I heard on the radio this morning an interesting piece about ranchers in eastern Oregon and the problem they are having with rustlers. Yes you heard that right it is 2010 and we are dealing with rustlers in eastern Oregon. What I found most interesting about the story was that while Oregon has a law about brands on cattle and they use that to track ownership and make it impossible for people to sell the stolen cattle in Oregon. But since some other states do not have the same laws it is possible for the thieves to take the cattle to other states and sell them there.

So the sheriff of the county down there has been talking about micro-chipping the cattle to be able to stop the theft. They are all ready micro-shipping house pets and to do the same with cattle would be an incredible hassle. But I just found it fascinating that they were talking about using new technology to stop an ages old problem. Though as the sheriff said "ranchers are stubborn people". It was a very good piece.
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