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Monday, April 12, 2010

4-12-2010 (Monday)

Monday, Monday!! How is it going folks? I feel like today is starting out to be a pretty good one.

I smiled as I drove up the freeway this morning listening to the book radio. The only thing that cause me to frown was when I begin to speed up to pass a car in the middle lane I noticed a white Volvo coming up behind me. I was not going fast enough for him it seemed. Now I was going at that point about 70 MPH which is five miles over the speed limit in Oregon. When I noticed the Volvo he was so close that I could not see his headlights at all but I could see the driver gesturing at me. Well........I did not find it very amusing and so I made eye contact with him in the mirror and then lifted my foot off of the accelerator.......

You are just going to have to wait to here the rest of my tale.
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