Where Do My Readers Come From?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

4-20-2010 (Tuesday)

Good morning folks. I hope today finds you well. I added a new gadget or widget to my blog if you look up to the right of it you will see a spinning globe. I believe that the globe will show where people visit from. I hope it keeps a running tally because of all of the information that I can track. What I find really the most interesting to me is where people are reading from. I think that is the best thing by far about the Internet. I love that people from all over the world can find something to read and discuss. I do not have a lot of readers that is for sure. I think there are probably 4 or 5 of you that read me everyday and I am thankful for that.

Most of the time if I have a good day with readers it will be 20 or so. One day when I blogged about not having a very good time at the roller derby and complaining about the rules I believe that I hit 75 for the day which is incredible for me. But what is most interesting to me is that even though I do not have a large amount of readers I have had readers come from all over the world and that just blows my mind. I just wish people would take a moment to say hello and tell me how they found me. But other then that it is just pretty cool for me to think that someone from Europe who doesn't know me from Adam is reading my thoughts. Who knows perhaps one day my thought cause a revolution of thought that will one day bring down society as we know it.

When that day comes and all that we know will have been torn down and buried beneath the rubble of the past. Then and only then will L. Andrew C. rise above and take my rightful place as Emperor and those of you who are reading me now will all be afforded new positions in the Theocracy that will soon follow. I will need ministers to administer my demands for the people. There will be no hunger!!! There will be no poor!! Because when I do away with the world monetary system and install payment by Hugs we will all be the richer for it. You want to buy a car? Well that is easy 20K Hugs for you. The happiness that Hugs will bring us will make the world a better place.

In fact on the day that I assume my rightful place as ruler I will decree "FREE HUGS FOR ALL"!! So as this thought revolution builds you must ask yourselves. What would you rather have made up paper money or a monetary system based on the value and volume of pure Hugs? I know what I would rather have.

Now, who wants a Hug?
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