Where Do My Readers Come From?

Monday, September 27, 2010


Good morning folks. I hope you all had nice weekends. So far other then being a little bit humid and muggy, which may be the same I am not sure, we have had some spectacular fall weather here in the Valley and I like it a lot. One side benefit of looking for work is that I have had the freedom to play a lot of disc golf and I really do enjoy getting out and walking the different courses and enjoying the outdoors.

I really am surprised at how much disc golf has gotten under my skin. I really am liking it. I find the process of figuring out what disc I should throw and what type of throw both interesting and intellectually stimulating. I used to make fun of the disc golfers and all of their many discs. While I still make fun of the guys that carry 15 or 20 disc which is just silly I think even if you are a pro. I know it may be hard to believe but there are professional disc golfers. But, I digress, I use three or four discs. I have two drivers and a mid range and a putter. The reason I use two drivers is because one actually falls off to the right and the other falls of to the left so depending on where the pin is I use a different driver. But my other discs I just use whenever I need them and that is totally based on distance.

But enough of my disc golf lecturing. I will talk to you later. It is time to continue the job search.
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