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Monday, September 13, 2010

To Begin Again

Well, I realize that it has been over a month since I last posted. I believe it has actually been over two months. But, things have changed and as such I need to begin blogging again. The job I was doing is now basically over and I am not sure if it will actually start back up again. My money is on no it won't. I will not go into all of the issues behind the scenes suffice it to say that matters beyond my control made this happen.

I loved working both for and with my friend and I know I will most likely do so again. Had he been in control the job would still be going strong and we would be continuing to serve the Oregon Voter and helping to make their voice be heard. But, as of now, I began looking for work again. If I am to be effective in this endeavor I need to set myself a schedule and treat it like I am working at a job so for part of the time I am going to be blogging just to put myself into a schedule. I think that will make things easier for me. As most of my regular readers know, if there are any of you left, I tend to not have a topic in mind and I like to flow as I write. So some posts may be about the job hunt and others will be about film or politics or whatever else strikes my fancy.

So until tomorrow I will talk to you folks later.
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