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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Magical Feeling

There are times when someone responds to one of your blog posts and you feel like you won the lottery. So to speak. I felt like that yesterday when my friend Shane responded to my post. I have always respected his taste in music so I always feel good when we can engage on musical things.

International Beat - Magical Feeling

I tend to forget how happy 2 tone Ska makes me. But it never fails when a Ska song pops up in the old random player I just feel good. There is something about this kind of music that makes me so happy.

ACDC - Carry Me Home

Here is a taste of a little rare ACDC. This never appeared on a regular release. You never mistake the sound of Bon Scotts voice. I always enjoy a little ACDC myself and in highschool I listened to this band so much.

Grateful Dead - Minglewood Blues

I have been getting more and more into the Dead and that is because I never really understood what their music was like before. I honestly did not realize how good of musicians they were. Also, once I started getting more into bluegrass it became a natural progression to start listening to the Dead.

Manowar - Guyana (Cult of the Damned)

A little bit of epic metal from the mighty Manowar and their song about the Rev Jim Jones and his death cult in Guyana. It is truly not a shining moment in American history. But it is a fascinating tale and the song rocks if you like this kind of epic metal and I do.

Reel Big Fish - I'm Cool

There was a time when I loved this band. That being said. I still do enjoy this song. It is a classic from them.

Dark Moor - In The Heart of Stone

EPIC METAL TO MAKE YOUR EARDRUMS BLEED. I love this stuff so much and it is a perfect spot to end today's musical ramblings. Thanks for listening folks.  Now I need to join Don Draper and do a little relaxing.

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