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Monday, September 16, 2013

Men At Work Monday

Today is Monday and I hope you like Men at Work because that is all you are going to be getting today. As I was trying to decide what it is that I wanted to play for you today, it occurred to me that I wish there was a way for my Google play to sort my music by the year in which the album or song was released. Alas, that is not a possibility but you never know what may occur in the future. But once I had moved past the pain of that I thought, well it has been a long while since I had listened to Men at Work so why not devote the day to them. It is Monday and Men At Work Monday sounds pretty cool. So there you go.

Men At Work - Who Can It Be Now

The very first album that I remember getting was Men At Work's "Cargo". This was in grade school or Junior High which is now called Middle School and I won it because of a contest selling newspaper subscriptions to the Statesman Journal. In fact delivering papers was probably my first real job. It wasn't a job I was particularly good at or even enjoyed and there was a couple of apartment complexes in my neighborhood that would routinely rip me off when it came time to collect for the month.

Men At Work - Down Under

In those day you didn't get a monthly bill for the paper. The paper boy would show up at your house and present you with a bill and you would either write me a check or pay cash. But people in the apartments would always be moving out on me and that would leave me having too foot the bill. Sometimes it was my fault because I just wouldn't see the papers piling up outside of their apartment. If it was a second floor unit I would usually wing the paper up at the door from the parking lot below. I got pretty good at the old hook shot that way.

Men At Work - Underground

But once I hit High School I began to fall asleep in class and I think my parents decided that I should stop getting up so early and that was it for having a job in High School. Not that not having a job helped my grades any, because it did not. I was too busy chatting with my friends and not really paying any kind of attention at all for any of that to matter. Either it was very easy for me and I just figured it out without any sort of effort or I just would rather not even be involved in the class at all. I just didn't feel the need ofr any kind of focus or effort. Which I suppose is pretty typical of a fair amount of students. I don't feel like I was unique or anything.

Men At Work - I like to live

I have always enjoyed this band. There is just something about them that made listening to them an enjoyable experience. I think they were basically the first big band out of Australia as well and I thought that was pretty cool. I think I always felt that everything out of Australia was some sort of magical thing. It was like some sort of far off distant fairy land that had Dingos and Tasmanian Devils and Mel Gibson. I felt that way about Midnight Oil as well and INXS, though not as much for INXS.

Men At Work - High Wire

I made it to Australia eventually and I found out that it was a pretty magical place. The people seemed very friendly and the ladies were very attractive and friendly. It was a great experience and one that I hope to have again. Though the cost of such an endeavor does make that something that seems very likely. But you never know. If my Powerball retirement plan would ever kick in then things would be totally fine. Do not worry folks. I will be generous.

Men At Work - Dr Heckyll And Mr. Jive

I hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane and the music today. Catch you later.

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