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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Songs

Not much going on today I am just vegging out listening to music and feeling kind of spacey. I think I am trying to fabricate the inspiration to write something interesting and poignant. But honestly I am feeling pretty emotionally dead today. I am not sure what that even means. Just kind of numb inside. I suppose that should be a little bit of a relief to have some kind of emotional numbness if even for a little bit. But it doesn't feel normal to not be feeling anything. I am almost feeling like I should be emotionally on edge and that it isn't correct if I am not emotionally compromised or on the edge of freaking out in some way.

Bee Gees and Barbara Streisand - Guilty

That is a song that I didn't even know existed in my collection. It isn't that I dislike it I just was not aware of it and it may well be the only Barbara Streisand song that even exists in my collection.

Steve Martin - You

This is Steve Martin and the Dixie Chicks with his band the Steep Canyon Rangers, I like his bluegrass stuff a lot and this is a good melancholy song in general.

Billy Joel - Leningrad

This is a good Billy Joel song and I guess he does have some bad ones. But I like his music most if not all of the time. There is just a certain enjoyable quality to it. There seems to be often a pretty deeper message to it hidden among the lyrics.

I wish I had more nuggets of wisdom to put out there but I really don't. I guess it is just one of those days wear faking it until you make doesn't even work.  
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