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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturday Night Music

I do a few things everyday. The two things that I do everyday and often more then once a day is drink coffee and listen to music. These two things are very important to me and I think in a lot of way vital to my mental health. Oh I suppose I could cut coffee out of my life but I can't imagine stopping listening to music. I do not know how anyone does that. I know that for me music is really something that I enjoy so much.

Led Zeppelin - Going To California

It really doesn't matter what the era of music is or even the genre and I do sometimes pick and choose what I am going to listen to. But that is usually just in my car. When I am listening to music as I am writing on my computer I often just put my music on total random and listen to whatever pops up. This can be good or bad because I don't like everything that I own. I might like one or two songs from an artist but no artist is perfect. Also at this point my collection is big enough that I have forgotten all of the music that I have on my hard drive and up in the cloud.

Pink - God Is A DJ

Take the song above, I believe that I have most of her discography but I am not sure if I would consider myself a fan. I have friends who really like her and I think I wanted to see why they like her so much. I do think that some of her songs are very catchy but I would not choose to listen to her regularly or go see her in concert. But she isn't horrible. Her style of music is not my cup of tea.

Even This Shall Pass Away - Robert Plant's Band of Joy

Your Southern Can Is Mine - The White Stripes

I really, really do love the White Stripes and I can honestly say that I do not believe there is a song of theirs that I do not like. I love it all.

Satisfied Mind - Johnny Cash

I also love everything that Johnny Cash has ever done. There is just something about him and his voice and the authenticity in which he lived his life that I find admirable.  
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