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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Grandma Linstrom

That is my Grandma Linstrom. She passed on Sunday night it may have been just after midnight on Sunday. I can't remember and and frankly things have been a little foggy the last few days for several reasons.

I remember going to her and Grandpas house in Portland. They lived in the St. Johns are and while it always felt a little rough to this shy boy from Salem. When I drive through now, the rare times that I do, it brings back so many good memories. Often the house would smell of fresh baked bread. I can remember some good times with the whole family all of the aunts and uncles and the kids just hanging out in the backyard and talking.

That is what my family would do. They would come together around Grandma it did not always need a reason for it to happen. It didn't have to be a major holiday and things were not contrived to force us to be together. They got together because they wanted to. Because they wanted to spend time with the amazing woman that had given birth to all of these kids and had raised this clan.

Grandma lived long enough to see all of her grandchildren grow up to be adults and a couple of great grandchildren get into highschool. As she got older when there would be get together sometimes she would just sit with me and hold my hand. Shew rarely would say she would just sit there and hold my hand and listen to the family around her. I still remember her thin almost papery skin as she got older and I always wondered what she was getting out of just sitting with me. But I know it never bothered me and I do not think I ever walked away from it wishing that it hadn't happened. It was part of my relationship with Grandma and I loved her for it.

I never ever felt anything but love and acceptance come from this woman. Despite all the years, despite the stupid things I might have done, or the bad choices I was making. She just always loved me. She loved all the kids.

I will always miss you Grandma. Thanks for caring for me. Thank you most of all for living a long, long life full of dignity and grace. I just hope when my time comes I go out as well as you.


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