Where Do My Readers Come From?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


It is Tuesday and I am starting to feel like I am kind of climbing out of the pit I was in last week. There are lots of reasons why I am feeling this way. There have been good conversations with friends. Some good one on one conversations with people that are special to me. As well as some good texting. I know the idea of texting doesn't work for everybody but it totally works for me. I find it a little less draining. The idea is that at least for me I like to be left alone during times like this to process and to figure out what I am feeling. One of the ways that this works for me is through music. So I am just going to follow that theme and put up some tunes today and have helped me begin this process. So thanks for indulging me. I know throwing up a bunch of YouTube videos is not the being a good blogger and some of you may just not have the time to watch these. But if you do I hope they bring you some happiness like they have me.

I know that I will probably never be over Grandma but I am starting to feel less sad and I know that is a good thing and I want to be able to celebrate her life and the amazing family that she was the matriarch of. I want to be able to remember and be happy about the good memories because and I am only able to speak for myself all the memories I have of Grandma are good ones.

Grandma did just that. Thanks Mom and Dad and my Aunts and Uncles for being part of my life and making my youth a happy and full one.

I would have liked to talk to her one last time. I will regret that...

This song always helps when I feel like no one understand me. I know that rationally that this is not true but at the same time this song just touches me.

That is it for today. I need to keep on swimming.
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