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Thursday, July 28, 2011

More Music Thursday

I am sorry about missing yesterday folks. The Timbers had a game and I got home very late so I didn't get anything written down or set up for my blog. But, onward and upward. The next artist on the wild alphabetical ride through my musical catalog is

ADELE Now I realize I am a little remiss in that I only own her second album 21. I am intending to remedy that soon and pick up the rest of her discography which looks to be one full album 19 and 3 different EP's "Hometown Glory", "Chasing Pavements" and "Cold Shoulder". If these are as good as 21 then I do not think I will be disappointed by them at all.

If you have not heard her, and I would be a little surprised at this point if you hadn't because she is popping up everywhere, please give her a listen. Here are three of my favorites off of her latest offering.

I really detest what VEVO has done to YouTube but this is her biggest hit and I just love the video and I love the drums in this song.

This is Adele doing "Turning Tables" live and it is amazing.

This last one is Adele covering "Lovesong" from the Cure. This is truly one of my favorite Cure songs and she really nails it.

I think as a little treat for my readers I am going to leave you with a video that I just found of Linkin Park covering "Rolling in the Deep". I am not a Linkin Park fan but wow. They did a great job.

And here are the Cure doing the original version of "Lovesong"

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